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new year new snow - get your bliss on

Updated: May 15, 2023

cat, fireside
sleepy upside-down cat

well, that was a busy year.

i'm enjoying a few days here now, with just mr keaton the cat to follow the guided meditations i'm filming. i am not sure he needs any instructions in order to be in his natural state.

so much happened in 2018, what with volunteers bringing their fresh energy in to terrealuma, the permaculture garden being revived, groundworks being done and lots of work on the creative and fundraising fronts. we made everything from music releases spanning mantras and cabbage rap to creative regeneration workshops, videos and some spectacular food along the way (not only cabbage), and it all culminated in an end-of-year crowdfunding campaign (thank you all so much!).

snow, birch trees, terrealuma
snowy birches at terrealuma

i'm also going for walks in the snow - which, unlike the calendar year, is an assault of genuine newness on the eyeballs. it's so white, radiant, spacious.

i'm wishing you a moment of this spaciousness at the start of the year. or at any moment during the year. in fact, this spaciousness is there all the time, which is only too easy to forget, looking at the absolute chaos that people have constructed. it's becoming impossible to ignore that chaos, and we clearly shouldn't. but to be any use at all, we do need to plug in to this natural, bright energy, however we can.

in the whiteness i'm breaking with my feet, i see the next year in front of me, in flashes. we'll be progressing here, we'll be making places for people to come and heal, from the root, from the ground up.

it's all quite romantic when i stay on my own two feet as nature intended, but once i got in the car today things took a turn for the worse and as i slalomed across the road and plopped half the car into a ditch i started to curse the spaciousness quite loudly and long for some hard tarmac under my wheels.

that's the two sides of the coin. i cursed the inconvenience of snow and life, but when i was safely home again, life felt even better.

i offer those who would like to go the route of meditation, focusing, free writing and painting the chance to participate in the online version of my creative regeneration workshops (they start on monday, jan 7th and take you through the whole month - it's not too late to jump! click here for details). i don't promise you won't end up in the ditch a few times, but you will also find some energy you didn't know you had. there are some new testimonials on the page from people who took part in the summer, which might give you an idea of what the experience is like.

i hope that you get your bliss on in the new year - whatever your way is.

let's just get going - there's no time to lose.

Sarah Luczaj
Sarah in the snow

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