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Birtcg trees through fish eye at Terrealuma healing refuge
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Crocus for Reiki, Terrealuma retreat

Reiki from the roots

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle transmission of universal life-energy, or qi, that works according to the needs of the receiver, enhancing energy flow, relaxation, and the body’s ability to heal itself.

The Reiki method originates from Japan, with the work of Mikao Usui (1865-1926), who practiced Tendai Buddhism and other forms of energy cultivation. Empowerments and teachings have been passed down in a direct line from Dr Usui to practitioners around the world today.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki works well in soothing or giving a general boost during difficult periods in life, Reiki can support and initiate healing of the body, mind and soul.

The Reiki energy is transmitted through the practitioner, and it gently flows to where it is needed and does what is needed, be that energising or calming, evening out or unblocking. The aim is to stimulate the body’s own healing response and to restore the natural balance of its energy flow. The root of imbalances is often an inability of the nervous system to fully relax, creating tensions, blockages and pain.


Kotodama, Reiki chanting

The chanting of Japanese 'kotodama,' or word-spirits, for four different aspects of life-energy (earth, heaven, connection and enlightenment) is a fundamental part of the original Reiki training. Chanting works strongly on the body and mind, as we are made up ourselves of frequencies. The resonances of different sound frequencies cut through the mind's chatter to work on an organic level. Listen to some examples below.

00:00 / 04:15


- enlightenment -

00:00 / 03:29


- connection -

Who is Reiki suitable for?

Reiki is suitable for most people, of all ages. Reiki practitioners are not qualified to diagnose, treat or prescribe for particular medical conditions. Neither do they interfere with any treatments prescribed from other sources. Reiki works as a supportive, complementary treatment. There are no known contraindications for the use of Reiki.

Reiki can be used to treat issues such as:

  • Headaches, stomach pains, backaches
  • Insomnia

  • Stress, anxiety, worry, overthinking

  • General immune system issues

  • Emotional recovery from difficult life events and transitions

  • IBS and other problems with digestion

  • Menopausal symptoms

Lupin flower at Terrealuma

Does Reiki work long distance?

Yes, the flow works just as well long distance, as time and space are not really the barriers we take them to be.

Book a long distance reiki healing session

including chanting, if you wish.

Each session is 75 minutes long, giving time for you to share your needs, intentions and feelings before we start, and to integrate the movements of the energy together at the end. The price of a session is £95 - with concessions available.

With any inquiries or to book, write to me, Sarah, here:

About me

I am a Reiki master, with over 20 years experience of working and healing with life energy. I trained in two branches of the lineage, the first and second degrees from Glastonbury, UK and the master degree in Glasgow, where I run an in-person Reiki practice alongside my work as a therapist. I offer online sessions based on original rather than new age Reiki, with traditional chanting.

Sarah Luczaj at Terrealuma retreat
Reiki training

Star and Stone is an academy of healing arts, run by Sarah Luczaj and Adrianna Velez, offering Reiki courses and free, supportive, life-force enhancing community here, including a monthly chanting circle.

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More ways to find about my approach to Reiki
The Chi Book, Reiki from the roots by Sarah Luczaj

'The Chi Book: Reiki from the Roots' by Dr Sarah Luczaj (Wayward Publications, 2020) available as a paperback or digital bundle

'part micro-memoir, part user's guide to the primordial power of the universe, THE CHI BOOK: Reiki from the Roots, vibrates with raw energy and calms like still water. It sings us awake from our collective illusion of powerlessness'. (kim noriega, poet, teacher)


Adrianna Velez, feminine energy mentor & reiki master teacher

'It took only 15 min of remote session to relieve awful stomach ulcer pain and I had a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. I felt pleasant pulsing warmth that firstly relieved my injury and than relaxed my stomach and whole body. Very pleasant feeling, truly amazing and instant relief.

I was skeptical about energy healing until i received a few sessions from Sarah for my chronic lower back pain. During one particular session, I literally felt growing pains and felt that my bones are being regenerated and adjusted. It was like having a painless operation. After that, my lower back pain, the whole injury that plagued me for years started to heal. it was always better from then on'

(Maciek, co-founder of terrealuma)

Maciek from Terrealuma feeding refugees in Przemysl

'getting reiki from Sarah was one of the best decisions I made when I got stuck in life some time ago. Her motto ‘moving you forward' is spot on. I have been moved forward in many ways! each time I went for a session I felt safe and welcomed. I would leave it feeling calm and grounded. i still remember this one time when there was a shift in my perception and i received a clear answer to what was bothering at that time. Everything became clear and simple. new opportunities came my way around that time as well.  I’m very grateful i found sarah. She is a wonderful human being with a vision and true passion for helping others re-remembering their unique path'. (Anna Kurz)

Anna Kurz

'when I started receiving Reiki treatments from Sarah several months ago as part of our creative regeneration activation coaching work, I was extremely burned out and depleted. Each reiki session has energised me and enabled me to retain more energy cumulatively. Reiki is the cornerstone of replenishing my energy stores and creative spark. the quality of my energy has changed too. I feel refreshed, uplifted and yet calm after a reiki session.

in fact I loved the experience of my first distance healing session with Sarah so much that I immediately wanted to learn how to do reiki myself. After receiving a (very intense) initial empowerment, I realised that i never need be burned out or depleted again. I have this miraculous connection to energy right at my fingertips. It's quite beautiful'. (Kim Noriega, poet, writer, creative writing teacher)

Kim Noriega

'yesterday I felt incredible peace. I opened my heart to its flow. I felt comforted, calmed, felt everything I needed. the tension melted away from my body and when you had finished I fell asleep slowly, in bliss.' (Agnieszka Stanczak, yoga teacher)

Agnieszka Stanczak

' does healing go through the ether? From screen to screen? This thought soon became very redundant! After our session together I felt incredible. Tensions had slipped away, my swirly mind was replaced by a calm horizon, my feet anchored gently to the earth, my body felt in balance. As Sarah chanted I could feel energy all re-jiggling, parts becoming tingly and other parts was a similar feeling to having reflexology. Afterwards I felt so serene and content.

One particular session resonates to me. I had a very busy, hectic day. It was hard to sit even for 5 minutes. it took some time for me to settle. I lay down and the 'zoom' began. I saw golden threads curl around my body then to my ankles where they focused and wrapped bands of gold light around them. I could feel a tugging sensation. My energy settled. The desire to be manic changed. I felt as if I was in a bath of warm water. It was so powerful. Sarah leaves space and silence to enter as she chants which feels very connecting. She is completely tuned into what my body needed. Afterwards i slept deeply and woke up the next day calm.' (Jo Ward, artist and decorator. )

Jo Ward

I am ever grateful to you dear Sarah for making me choose time to stop and land in your safe hands. Here I can relax and receive, bask in and soak up the profoundly delicious sound-fuelled reiki healing. Truly magnificent! you've helped heal a chronic shoulder injury, I can now move into strengthening it. Thank you from the depths of my body, mind and soul  (Clara Apollo, intuitive energy mentor qigong player presents OneQi Radio & Chi Time TV connector of ourageous souls)

Clara Apollo
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