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'The Chi Book: Reiki from the Roots' (Wayward Publications, 2020) for paperback click here, and for an e book, click here.

'part micro-memoir, part user's guide to the primordial power of the universe, THE CHI BOOK: Reiki from the Roots, vibrates with raw energy and calms like still water. It sings us awake from our collective illusion of powerlessness'. (kim noriega, poet, teacher)


reiki is a way of chanelling the natural flow of life energy, or chi, through the hands -  for the benefit of all beings.

it has been passed down in an unbroken lineage from mikao usui. a japanese practitioner of tendai buddhism and other methods of energy cultivation, from taoist and shinto traditions.

on its way to the west reiki picked up some western flavours, and new age additions. currently there's increasing interest in the roots of the practice, as passed down directly from usui's students. they are based in the aforementioned energy cultivation practices, intensive chanting of the kotodama - 'word spirits' in japanese, and following the five precepts:

the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings

the spiritual medicine for all illness


just for today:


do not anger

do not worry

be grateful

work hard

be kind

reiki (understood as life energy transmitted for the benefit of others) is a healing offshoot of spiritual practice, rather than a treatment technique to be learned.

it can be awakened and enhanced by empowerments from a reiki master, who has done years of work on strengthening their channel and getting themselves 'out of the way' so they do not impede its flow (not, i would say, possible during a few weekend workshops).


the first level of awakening the channel, shoden, concentrates on cultivating the energy flow and a state of power and wellbeing, and the second, okuden, on allowing the healing energy to flow to others. the other person receives the reiki in exactly the way they need it. typically this is accompanied by a deep state of relaxation and receptivity, which in itself works miracles.

this flow works just as well long distance, as time and space are not really the barriers we take them to be.


likewise, the barriers between you and me.

i am a reiki master, with over 20 years experience of working and healing with life energy (you can follow my journey in 'The Chi Book'). as a part of my practice i chant the reiki kotodama, corresponding to different aspects of the life energy, or chi.

long distance reiki sessions 


are now available on zoom, including chanting and taoist healing sounds.


each session is 75 minutes long, giving us time for you to share what your needs, intentions and feelings are before we start, and to integrate the movements of the energy together at the end.

the price of a session is £125 - with reductions available, let me know if you need this

with any inquiries or to book, write to me, sarah, here:


'It took only 15 min of remote session to relieve awful stomach ulcer pain and I had a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. I felt pleasant pulsing warmth that firstly relieved my injury and than relaxed my stomach and whole body. Very pleasant feeling, truly amazing and instant relief.


I was skeptical about energy healing until I received a few sessions from Sarah for my chronic lower back pain.

During one particular session, I literally felt growing pains and felt that my bones are being regenerated and adjusted. It was like having a painless operation.

After that, my lower back pain, the whole injury that plagued me for years started to heal. It was always better from then on' (maciek, co-founder of terrealuma)





'Getting Reiki from Sarah was one of the best decisions I made when I got stuck in life some time ago. Her motto ‘moving you forward' is spot on. I have been moved forward in many ways! Each time I went for a session I felt safe and welcomed. I would leave it feeling calm and grounded. I still remember this one time when there was a shift in my perception and I received a clear answer to what was bothering at that time. Everything became clear and simple. New opportunities came my way around that time as well. I’m very grateful I found Sarah. She is a wonderful human being with a vision and true passion for helping others re-remembering their unique path'. (anna kurz)




'When I started receiving Reiki treatments from Sarah several months ago as part of our Creative Regeneration Activation coaching work, I was extremely burned out and depleted. Each Reiki session has energised me and enabled me to retain more energy cumulatively. Reiki is the cornerstone of replenishing my energy stores and creative spark. The quality of my energy has changed too. I feel refreshed, uplifted and yet calm after a Reiki session.


In fact I loved the experience of my first distance healing session with Sarah so much that I immediately wanted to learn how to do Reiki myself. After receiving a (very intense) initial empowerment, I realised that I never need be burned out or depleted again. I have this miraculous connection to energy right at my fingertips. It's quite beautiful'. (kim noriega, poet, writer, creative writing teacher)





'yesterday i felt incredible peace. i opened my heart to its flow. i felt comforted, calmed, i felt everything i needed. the tension melted away from my body and when you had finished i fell asleep slowly, in bliss.' (agnieszka stanczak, yoga teacher)








reiki chanting, music


tambulus, the musical wing of terrealuma - with sarah on vocals - are in the process of creating a piece of music to transmit, activate and enhance each kotodama. here is an early stage of 'connection'.






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