reiki from the roots


reiki is a way of chanelling the natural flow of life energy, or chi, through the hands -  for the benefit of all beings.

it has been passed down in an unbroken lineage from mikao usui. a japanese practitioner of tendai buddhism and other methods of energy cultivation, from taoist and shinto traditions.

on its way to the west reiki picked up some western flavours, and new age additions. currently there's increasing interest in the roots of the practice, as passed down directly from usui's students. they are based in the aforementioned energy cultivation practices, intensive chanting of the kotodama - 'word spirits' in japanese, and following the five precepts:

the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings

the spiritual medicine for all illness


just for today:


do not anger

do not worry

be grateful

work hard

be kind

reiki (understood as life energy transmitted for the benefit of others) is a healing offshoot of spiritual practice, rather than a treatment technique to be learned.

it can be awakened and enhanced by empowerments from a reiki master, who has done years of work on strengthening their channel and getting themselves 'out of the way' so they do not impede its flow (not, i would say, possible during a few weekend workshops).


the first level of awakening the channel, shoden, concentrates on cultivating the energy flow and a state of power and wellbeing, and the second, okuden, on allowing the healing energy to flow to others. the other person receives the reiki in exactly the way they need it. typically this is accompanied by a deep state of relaxation and receptivity, which in itself works miracles.

this flow works just as well long distance, as time and space are not really the barriers we take them to be.


likewise, the barriers between you and me.

watch this space for a new book, reiki from the roots, and a set of recordings of the kotodamas for use in your own practice, by tambulus.


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