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blueish sunset at Terrealuma
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blueish sunset at Terrealuma

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Maciek, Terrealuma retreat
Sarah Luczaj, Terrealuma retreat

Maciek is a Integrative Chinese medicine practitioner, musician, music producer, farmer and the founder of terrealuma and tambulus. He works closely with food and herbs, combining knowledge from different fields of Chinese medicine and modern nutrition to develop the healing potential of the land through his personal experience with recovering from serious illness.

Sarah is a writer, poet, counsellor, Reiki master, and originator of the creative regeneration process, which blends meditation, focusing, free writing and intuitive painting. She helps people return to their natural state of joy and power.

Author of creative regeneration (2019, wayward publications), the chi book: reiki from the roots (2020, wayward publications) and an urgent request (fortunate daughter, 2009), she she has a PhD in the intersections of Buddhism, therapy and focusing.

See her work and buy art prints or commission a painting on her site here

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