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terrealuma is not only a place of regeneration – to rest awhile before returning to the chaotic lives and exploitative systems that have so deeply depleted us.

our aim is to transform our lives and those systems so they make sense again - from the roots all the way up. rather than create an alternative paradise, we work this piece of earth according to natural principles and the work is real, this IS the real world.


lasting change can be created if every level is engaged - physical, emotional, relational, mental, spiritual - and it's a practical endeavour. it involves the food we eat, the houses we live in, the waste we produce and the energy we use, how we communicate with others and express ourselves in art and music and also how we develop our souls.

so terrealuma is a place of hard work. we make buildings from the ground they stand on, functional, safe and beautiful. we grow food according to permaculture principles, gently and skillfully working with nature rather than manipulating it. the infrastructure provides opportunities for workshops (on everything from eco-construction techniques and bushcraft to shamanic practices and meditation), for sharing food, fires, music and experiences – for healing.


the land preserves its wildness all around, and there are huts in the woods in which you can stay close to the trees, the water and the wildlife, without being disturbed. guests can have the degree of community or solitude, sound or silence, that they require. there are open spaces and overgrown ravines.


just as all the elements are honoured and used, earth, fire, water and air, so we honour the 'contradictions' of organisation and spontaneity, light and dark, spirit and flesh, communion and privacy, dirt and purity, hard graft and rest, being and doing. it's not a question of balance but of the two sides of life in a dynamic spiral, different sides showing at different times.


we practice buddhist principles, what we reap is what we sow. every single thing we do has consequences, value, and power. the principle of interdependency is also central - there is also nothing we do that does not interaffect everything else. we are open to people of all faiths, or none,  as long as they do not seek to force their truths on others.


at terrealuma we create the conditions to be as we naturally are and from that comes transformation on all levels of life and in all worlds – while we get our hands dirty in this one.

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