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Cracking through the leaves and linear time

Updated: May 15, 2023

It's what you could call golden autumn here at terrealuma. All the colours of fire are leaping through the trees, it's crunchy underfoot. It's reassuring to see nature going to plan, and things sometimes look very beautiful in their final blaze. It's also reassuring to feel that everything has its season, and that the seasons change.

For us as the season changes, music creeps back in, and will bloom in its full glory in the winter. We've been finishing up a song for a late friend of ours, Michelle, and thinking of her as the leaves fall, and as we start to make a new piece of music based on a chant used in Usui's original reiki. Healing through channeling chi, or life energy, through the hands, has been an important element in the terrealuma mix from the start, always flowing naturally from the original practices of Taoist and Buddhist energy cultivation, and chanting.

This has always been the place for me where the flow has been the simplest and most calming, and also the most alive and intense. The whole point of terrealuma is to share this energy flow, whether through actual healing sessions or through the flow of the land itself, and the way that we have shaped it, both in physical landscaping and with much chanting, spinning and different ways of playing with and showing respect to the energies of earth and sky.

pa kua and the barefoot doctor

The Taoist practices that have really taken root for me here, internal alchemy and Pa Kua - an incredibly dense form that condenses an effective martial art with the dance of the I Ching, spiralling and cracking through linear time - were taught to me by Stephen Russell, aka the Barefoot Dr, master practitioner and healer. He's added his irrepressible energy to the aforementioned terrealuma mix over the last year, notably in his support for our crowdfunding campaign, and my small but perfectly formed book Creative Regeneration has just come out with Wayward Publications, which he co-founded.

To honour that occasion Barefoot decided to interview me live on Facebook, but as sometimes happens when two creatively regenerated souls get together - technical problems proved insurmountable and we ended up (the long and torturous journey involved me involuntarily going live on my own Facebook page, alone, which was not something I had intended for this lifetime) meeting on Zoom. 45 storming minutes in, we realised we were not recording.

Constitutionally incapable of giving up, we finally recorded the conversation below, a riff on the natural state, what may prevent us from being in it, and the methods I propose for plugging back into it - that is meditation, felt sensing in the body, freewriting and intuitive painting.

Hope you enjoy our chat, and the autumn.


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Sarah Luczaj, PhD

therapist, writer, artist, reiki master, creative regenerator and co-founder of terrealuma.

offers online reiki healing/chanting sessions, here

Sarah Luczaj

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