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Integrative Chinese medicine online consultations

Unique blend of Chinese medicine and functional medicine form a base of my practice which I call Integrative Chinese medicine. I work in the spirit of the Dao with Chinese medicine being the broader context for everything applied in the therapeutic process.

It involves:

  • chinese medicine herbal potions

  • supplements

  • dietary changes

  • blood type differentiation

  • physical activity with emphasis on breathing

  • emotional work and analysis of syndromes based on the principles of total biology

  • seeing a doctor, doing lab tests and taking meds when necessary

The process

The process

Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis and western medicine diagnostics form the base of initial discovery and since no pulse diagnosis can be applied I make up for it by conducting an extensive in-depth interview.

We start off with you writing a short email with basic info:

  • age

  • your current symptoms

  • history of your health with major events like surgeries, illnesses, accidents

  • what meds/supplements/herbs you are taking

  • diet, lifestyle, your blood type

  • your occupation, meaning what you spend most of your time on during the day.

This, coupled with tongue and face pics will give me a broader context to prepare the questions for your initial interview, which usually lasts between one and two hours. During this interview after gathering the rest of the info I will explain the diagnosis to you, lay down a sketch of the strategy and familiarize you with the costs and efforts required

I usually start you off with lifestyle and diet suggestions. Often times, when dairy products are eliminated and warm/cooked meals are introduced, the tongue changes its appearance enabling better diagnosis. This week or two of transition period following the initial interview is a good time for me to develop a full picture of your syndrome and make final decisions regarding herbal strategy and your first prescription.

During this time, we also shop for necessary supplements and products. I offer full assistance, sending you links with necessary products from amazon, ebay or whatever service is available in your country.


The first herbal prescription is often only for a few days, to check how you react and to further uncover the tongue. During the first month on herbs you may expect changes both to the prescription and the whole regimen as we tweak it for efficiency and convenience. Most of all, there will be changes in the way your body functions. As your body kicks off long forgotten processes you may expect both pleasant and unpleasant reactions.

After this initial period we start a full regimen, hopefully with all the elements in place by week 5. Chinese medicine has changes built into it and herbal treatment is often reminiscent of a slalom or a zigzag pattern where Yin nourishing is interchangeably applied with Dampness removal. As both processes are mutually exclusive it is important to understand that it takes a good few months to get anywhere in chinese medicine.

How long will it take for you to get better?

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Well, it depends on many factors. In chinese medicine everything is personalized: diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. There is no one fits all recipe for anything, and that what makes this approach unique and effective.

As a rule of thumb dynamic, rapid and sudden syndromes of Excess with elements of Heat or Fire, such as many forms of hypertension, are quicker and easier to treat than long developed Yin depletion or Spleen Qi deficiency, as in chronic fatigue or depression.

For example:

In most often cases of Spleen Qi deficiency and Xue or Yin depletion it is often said that the treatment should last one month for every year of developing the syndrome, so if you've been treating yourself badly from an early age you may arrive at number of 10 or 20+ years giving the total of 10 or 20+ months of treatment.

This doesn't mean that you will experience improvement in quality of life only after 1 or 2 years, it only means that in theory that is how long it would take for you to achieve Yin/Yang balance.

In most cases, improvement in quality of life is experienced within 1 to 3 months as herbal potions and other elements of the protocol act as a scaffolding for your health, filing in the gaps in your Yin/Yang balance. 

how much

How much will it cost?

herbal potions

A usual prescription is around 9-15 herbs, and the cost will vary depending on your location and where you get your herbs from:

- if you live within the EU or UK your cost will be between 150-400 GBP a month. It is cheapest and most beneficial for both parties if I can send herbs in bulk to you, to portion yourself. Otherwise, you will need to take the prescription I write to your local chinese medicine shop, and that will be more expensive.


- if you live in the US your cost will be between 200-500 USD a month. The prescription I write will need to be taken to your local chinese herb provider or the online service I already use for my US clients.

- if you live in Poland  you are lucky. Cost of herbs will be between 500-1000 PLN a month. Contact me directly for more details on pricing.

- for any other countries, we will need to figure it out together but suffice to say there are chinese medicine shops in almost any country on the planet.

Notes of caution.

*** Estimations are based on hypothetical standard prescriptions and your own experience may vary***

For people with limited budget

*** If your budget is smaller than the above there is an option of using one daily dose of herbs over two days. This will slow the healing process down, but will give you the chance to get better for half of the money***



the cost of various products could go up to 100 GBP or USD/month. However, the initial investment might be bigger, as you would be buying everything at once and then topping things up as you go along.

other costs

- good quality foods are necessary for recovery, so if you are not a health food freak already you may need to invest some monies

- acupuncture treatments, counselling, reiki or other healing modalities if required.

- lab tests if required.

My fees
my fees

Initial fee is 150 GBP.

This includes:

- interviews and diagnosis

- prescriptions and protocols

- shopping links

- food tips

- 1 month of online support, care and reviews

For every month beyond is 50 GBP a month

Contact me for more details on

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Free inquiry

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If you are not sure if this treatment can help you and would like a free consultation.

Please write an email describing your symptoms. Attached should be pictures of your tongue taken first thing in the morning, ideally in day light, before coffee, tooth brushing or anything else that could affect the tongue's colour. There should be a couple of pictures of front of tongue and at least one of the tongue's underside.

Please check this blog post for examples. Once all that is submitted I will contact  you to arrange Zoom appointment.

About me

I am an Integrative Chinese medicine practitioner, herbalist, dietician and health articles author. I studied naturopathy at Wroclaw School of ecological education and at Chinese medicine Academy of Dr Blaszczyk in Poland. In my online practice, I specialise in cases of depletion, deficiency or stagnation and use unique blend of Chinese medicine, functional medicine, blood type differentation and emotional work.

Still, Chinese medicine diagnosis and herbal treatments form a main pillar and frame for the whole process.

I am a living example of validity of the method having recovered from serious illness and incapacity myself.

Maciek, Terrealuma heling refuge

"Many years ago, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and hiatal hernia. For a long time, I had suffered from prolonged, abundant periods, horrible abdominal pain, experienced many gastric problems and as consequence I was only able to eat a handful of products. I was anaemic, restless, constantly cold and my sleep quality was very poor.

First, Maciek worked with me to change my dietary habits, made me realise the importance of warm, cooked meals and quickly composed a list of necessary supplements to take. However, after I started drinking herbal potions from his prescriptions, it wasn't all perfect.  Because of my hiatal hernia and overuse of antibiotics in the past my stomach didn't tolerate some of the herbs very well.

Maciek was attentive to my complaints, reacting quickly to new appearing symptoms and adjusting his prescriptions on the fly. He didn't hesitate to ask his tutors for guidance when he felt he needed it and I am very happy that I trusted him and pulled through these difficulties.

Now, after more than year and a half of treatment, I feel much better: no stomach crumps, no heartburn, the abdominal pain during periods significantly diminished and even medical exams with my gynaecologist are not so painful as they used to be. I am much calmer and sleep better.

I am most grateful, however, for how he helped my older son. He was experiencing lack of sleep, anxiety, irritability and started talking to himself. He was unable to function or study and I was worried that he was falling into deep depression.

He had been prescribed heavy/addictive drugs by a psychiatrist, but we decided to opt out and contacted Maciek to see if he could help.

It took only few days for Maciek's treatment to bring relief and it has got steadily better ever since. It has been around 6 months now and my son is so much better, stable, sleeping well, communicating, able to face his day-to-day challenges and again enjoying his studies.

I hope more people would take Maciek as the guide to the healthier and happier life!"

Ada, Brussels, Belgium


"In general, I used to consider myself a healthy person, until I reached my 50ies. Before I decided to look for help, I had struggled with increased stress, depression, trouble sleeping, frequent headaches, persistent abdominal discomforts like gas and pain, changes in bowel habits, fatigue, dry throat, cough, phlegm in the throat that I had to clear often, worsening vision and fatigue. I did not want to turn for help to Western medicine because I believed most of the medications it offered only subsided symptoms but did not provide the cure. I reached out to Maciek, a specialist in Chinese medicine. He offered me a consultation, followed by a carefully crafted treatment regimen. He sent me a list of supplements and herbs with links to the website pages I could purchase them from. He sent me the recommended diet and lifestyle changes to promote healing. He also followed up with me throughout the treatment on the progress and effectiveness of the therapy. Although my current situation did not allow me to purchase all the necessary herbs and supplements, he was able to find replacements and the treatment results started showing within the first three months. I feel much better already. I sleep well, the headaches subsided, my bowels are working much better and I do not have bloating, gases or pains in the abdomen, or a cough and phlegm in my throat either. My mood has improved. I have more energy; as a bonus to all of it, I lost 20 pounds of extra weight that I had struggled with. I truly recommend Maciek's services. I see the results of the therapy he prescribed and I believe it has been very helpful to my health problems".

Hanna, La Verne, CA, United States


"Maciek is a wonderful and attentive practitioner, always quick to adjust and tailor his guidance to the current situation. During treatment, I update him regularly, at least once a week, on how I am feeling. He is always open to contact and ready to step in at any moment if the need arises. The treatment always responds to my current state and he takes the way I react to different herbs under careful consideration, tailoring recipes as we find out what may or may not work for me at a given time. He has also been a great help with looking for sources of the herbs prescribed, sometimes even sending them to me from Poland to the UK. He has also outlined different useful guidelines for daily life, from ideas on meals to cook to sleeping patterns to adopt. I now have a much better sense of what actions to take to improve my health. I also have a lot more energy! I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a truly invested, supportive and engaged practitioner who will be there with them at every step of the way".

Nasim, Glasgow, United Kingdom


"Maciek helped with most of my complaints. The amazing thing is that he did it by only prescribing delicious fruit and seeds compote. This completely cured my life long cough, improved my skin, wrinkles and helped me greatly with my hair. Now it's strong, shiny and not falling out. My painful knees are also much better. I am really grateful for all of this and support him in all his efforts".

Grazyna, Los Angeles, United States

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