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Creative regeneration painting at Terrealuma retreat
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Creative regeneration painting at Terrealuma healing refuge

Creative regeneration
  plug into your natural state of bliss 

Creative Regeneration is a 4 step process invented by Sarah Luczaj PhD, to get you back into your natural state of joy, power and creative life-flow.


  • Meditation - you learn to softly be with the mind, so it can clear and settle itself

  • Focusing - once the mind's clear you can sense into your body, and by following the Focusing procedure (Sarah is an expert in the field) you will find felt senses of your life that bring you new information and unexpected ways forward

  • Freewriting - delivers you into the zone of non-judgment and flow

  • Intuitive painting - with brushes, fingers - and even feet! - gets your colours, juices and movements flowing in a sensual and concrete way -a responsive dance with the work itself that will astonish you, particularly if you are 'not artistic'!

The Result - life itself is a creative process running on renewable energy, once you know how to set aside unhelpful habits, to listen, and allow the next step to form.

This is how it works:

painting by Sarah Luczaj
Creative regeneration workshops at Terrealuma retreat
Intuitive painting at Terrealuma retreat

How can you learn creative regeneration?

You can learn Creative Regeneration at your own pace, using the book Creative Regeneration (Wayward Publications, 2019), available wherever books are sold!

Creative regeneration book by Sarah Luczaj

If you prefer to learn in a group come to Terrealuma healing refuge this summer for::

Body & Soul regeneration retreat at terrealuma

June 23rd-30th 2024 - Book now

(click for pics from 2018 and 2019 to get a flavour)

painting by Sarah Luczaj

Articles on creative regeneration, and the point of it all!

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If you are a writer and would like to rejuvenate yourself and your writing, the hugely experienced and inspiring poet, creative non-fiction writer, teacher and mentor Kim Noriega is at your service! Kim is a licensed creative regeneration facilitator. Have a look at her offerings here

Sarah Luczaj and Kim Noriega in Scotland
Matthew Krasner at Terrealuma retreat

'Sarah's workshop helped me discover layers of myself that I didn't know were there. The focusing sessions were supportive explorations of psyche that excavated through hard soil. In the painting sessions, I was playful with my inner child and found symbols that still hold meaning for me today. And we wrote plenty, the results deep and surprising. Taken together, I was able to unlock creative stores of energy and for that i am entirely grateful'.

Matthew Krasner, writer, teacher and creator of the be more bored creative writing and mindfulness courses in Warsaw

Marina Mulfriedel at Terrealuma healing refuge

'[the] process of using painting, writing and meditation to nourish the inner voice of invention was a powerful gift. under her guidance, i was able to reconnect with some long quieted parts of my creative soul. sarah's rare blend of knowledge, spirituality, generosity, artistry and humour foster a uniquely gentle space for regeneration'

Marina Muhlfriedel  (LA-based writer, producer and recording artist)

Anna Kurz

'A Creative Regeneration workshop is a unique experience. I was surprised to see myself playing with the words and colours so freely and also expressing myself with ease. Sarah was great at creating and holding the space for each one of the participants. With a few words of guidance we went on a journey, unlocking the creative flow without judgement or expectations. It was a great space to slow down, experiment and be playful. Even though it was an entire day I came back home regenerated, full of energy and with a stronger sense of self-trust. I can recommend this workshop to anyone who is experiencing a “creative block” or is simply looking for more inspiration in life'.

Anna Kurz

Kara Krasner

'I have been making annual trips to the nowhere deserts of the American southwest to sit under the vast sky in order to remind myself of who I am at my core and to trust being open to where I am going on this tumbleweed journey.

Through the Creative Regeneration process, Sarah has reminded me to trust my organic tools of opening to my "know-where".  I, once again, have confidence that I am always connected to the magnificence of life.  Sarah is a gifted guide who has developed Creative Regeneration as a way to naturally rediscover our connection to ourselves, the earth, and each other.  I can't think of a more powerful medicine for the times'. 

Kara Krasner, artist and instructor at art -n-, a neighbourhood roost where the art of storytelling takes flight. She lives and creates in denver, colorado, with her family

Stephen Russell, The barefoot doctor

'Sarah i'd describe as one of today's rare authentic shamans - shaman used in the broadest sense here, not as in someone pretending to be a native american, but someone who accompanies people down into the depths, to emerge into the fluidity that engenders a joyful life'

the barefoot doctor  sound healing technology innovator, master practitioner

and instructor in taoist practices, healer, best-selling author

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