creative regeneration 

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if you need to access your strength and inspiration after a period or even a lifetime of depletion, if you tend to give a lot, and/or try and change the world, and end up running out of juice yourself, this could be for you

the aim is to return you to your natural state,  a state which generates energy


and once you've acquired the knack of plugging in to this state, you can activate it even in the midst of depletion.

the systems which exploit and exhaust us need changing from within, but we can't do that without a sustainable energy source of our own.

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creative regeneration book

* the chi book - reiki from the roots (2020, wayward publications) buy here

* creative regeneration - the book! (2019, wayward publications) buy here

on the first sunday of every month - come and join our warm, relaxed circle of people who want to use their breath and bodies as resonance chambers for healing, loving and liberating sounds!

the circles run at 6pm uk time on zoom, no experience required. suggested donation £22, but don't let money be an impediment! email if you're interested

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* creative regeneration course/community

this digital course runs continuously, with sign ups every first

monday of the month, on a pay as you can basis.


the private creative regeneration group is open to people who are

interested or engaged in the process, click above to apply. members

receive audiomeditations and videos, sarah is present in the group

and there's a monthly group session in which we run through the

whole process together


* creative regeneration activations

3 month or 6 month intensive individual coaching and

individual sessions

new option to become a creative regeneration

facilitator and teach the method yourself!

* live workshops

at the wee retreat in glasgow, next date to be announced

* total immersion creative regeneration retreats at terrealuma

click here for pics from 2018 and 2019 to get a flavour, next provisional dates august 2-8th 2021!

'sarah i'd describe as one of today's rare authentic shamans - shaman used in the broadest sense here, not as in someone pretending to be a native american, but someone who accompanies people down into the depths, to emerge into the fluidity that engenders a joyful life'

the barefoot doctor  sound healing technology innovator, master practitioner

and instructor in taoist practices, healer, best-selling author


A Creative Regeneration workshop is a unique experience. I was surprised to see myself playing with the words and colours so freely and also expressing myself with ease. Sarah was great at creating and holding the space for each one of the participants. With a few words of guidance we went on a journey, unlocking the creative flow without judgement or expectations. It was a great space to slow down, experiment and be playful. Even though it was an entire day I came back home regenerated, full of energy and with a stronger sense of self-trust. I can recommend this workshop to anyone who is experiencing a “creative block” or is simply looking for more inspiration in life.

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