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humanitarian help for ukraine, update

Updated: May 15

It's April already, and we haven't updated you yet this year. There has been less activity to report, for sure, as the war moves from the front pages. Unfortunately though the situation remains critical for ordinary people.

We have received significant donations from the Ligmincha Buddhist centre in Poland, for which we're really grateful. Our friend Vitalii continues to distribute money, medication and other supplies, to hospitals around the country and to families in need in Kryvih Rih, victims of rocket attacks and families who have been bereaved. This includes a boy who lost his parents and baby brother in a rocket attack in December - his life was saved because he was visiting his grandparents at the time. Your money helped both him and his grandmother.

Thank you for your donations. Every little helps. Here's the link.

ukrainian volunteer gives out medicine

ukrainian couple with bags of shopping given by volunteers

elderly ukrainian man with medicine

unwell ukrainian man receiving supplies

December 2022 update

ukrainian woman in wheelchair smiling, recieves supplies

Christmas approaches, cash flow is tight for everybody and heating costs are spiralling. For our friends in Ukraine the situation is intensified, as their power supplies are intentionally destroyed and people struggle physically, emotionally and financially in every possible way, through catastrophic losses and in constant fear and uncertainty.

Thanks to your support, our volunteer friends are able to respond directly to people's needs, be it cash for a family who have tragically lost all their breadwinners, medical equipment the doctors in a hospital are asking for, transport for a family to safety, or electric blankets in this harsh winter for those who still have electricity. A few sweets for the kids.

ukrainian volunteer, a family, child in wheelchair with supplies

while times are tight for everyone, if you can spare some cash, you will know that it goes instantly (card to card) to a trusted friend and volunteer who gets it straight where it is needed, rather than to an organisation who may spend a significant proportion of the money on campaigning, logistics, or working out what best to do with the money in a country where they don't even speak the language. You also can be assured that this money goes for humanitarian relief only.

many thanks for every penny received. Let's keep warm and look after each other.

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ukrainian woman recieves supplies