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Food for refugees campaign

Updated: Apr 1, 2022



hello again, it's been a few days, so we're sending some more thanks for your sustained support - this time from a family from Smila town, in the Cherkasy region...

and this family, receivng medical supplies, who may soon be evacuating to Poland.

and of course, we're passing on thanks from many more people, of whom we don't have photos. The news cycle may move on, but the needs remain, and become more acute as the situation grinds on. We're getting some medicines together in Poland right now, for delivery to Vitalii and the whole volunteer network. Here they are, setting off again, as they do every day, often forgetting to eat and to sleep. The Paypal link is here.



Hello again - with big thank you from a doctor who received supplies from us!

Also, remember those nappies, baby milk and baby food pictured in the back of the car in Poland on Wednesday? Here they are again starring in a short video made to thank Vitalii by a volunteer in Kryviyi Rih who is working to distribute donations:

here is a kid with health problems getting a delivery

and your money also paid for the evacuation of the family below - who just two weeks ago were determined to stay in their home but finally decided the situation was just too dangerous for the children. Vitalii and some other volunteers sorted out the paperwork, travel, and worked out a final destination. They also threw a modest little farewell party for them to sweeten the awful occasion a bit.

However relentless the destruction, the desire to come together and help is uncrushable.

Let's keep going every day - Paypal link is here


Your money keeps flowing straight to those who need it, without a penny wasted. Yesterday this man was one of several elderly people in Kryviyi Rih who were supplied with medicines and money for food. He has a tube in his abdomen.

Meanwhile friends of Vitalii's in Vilnius, Lithuania, collected money to buy a truck and we helped to fill it with humanitarian aid as they drove through Poland to Lviv. The plan was quite spontaneous and we had to move fast, creating a network of people between Scotland, Poland and Ukraine who did not previously know each other, working out different kinds of specialist baby milk and bandages through google translate, while on the way to drop the kids off at school (or into shelters as the sirens went off), attempting to get hold of prescription meds and meeting each other on motorways. Bless you, Bozena! Below is a photo of her car unexpectedly filled to the brim with baby milk and nappies for children and adults, all paid for by your generosity. Let's keep going, every little helps, the Paypal link is here


This family, among others, have been helped to evacuate to a safer place in Western Ukraine, thanks to your contributions.

And here are some medical supplies, taken to a hospital yesterday. It seems crazy to be delivering medications to a hospital rather than the other way round, but that is where we find ourselves now.

What to say but thank you, your support is really appreciated

and the Paypal link is here


More shopping has arrived, thanks to you. Vitalii delivered much needed medications to three elderly people yesterday, and money for food. the mum and kids below have some food and nappies to keep them going (as do many others, not pictured!). Meanwhile Russian tanks are approaching the town and it is hard to sleep.

On the Polish side, as the border situation has eased in the spot where he was before, Maciek is searching out the most useful place to deliver his soup, and will keep you posted.

Thank you once more for your continuing support as this hellish situation grinds on.

Paypal here



Hello, Sarah here, thanking you most kindly once again for keeping up this incredible flow of support. Vitalii is still hard at work getting help to people who need it, often at risk to himself. He was caught out the other night, if I am not mistaken coming back from giving supplies to the family below, a mother, five children and a grandmother. Lots of different foods and some sweets for the kids. The public transport stopped and he had to walk home for 30 minutes in the dark with the sirens blaring. I've never been so glad to get a message that somebody is home.

Yesterday he brought supplies to this family, young Stanislaus is 3 months old. On Saturday he brought food to a mother with an eight month old, using his friend's car.

and below, sugar, rice and potatoes for 200 people evacuated from Mariupol, a city which has pretty much become hell on earth.

Let's keep on keeping on.

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Hello, this is Sarah, thanking you for the seemingly unstoppable flow of goodwill and donations which are coming in around the clock.

This is a photo I received from Vitalii, who got it from his friend in Kyiv, who helped these people out with some of your money. His mother made it safely across the border yesterday. Another grandmother was not so lucky and ended up in a different bus to her family, with no documents or phone. I continue, somewhat surreally, to get telegram alerts when the planes come over his town, and I was just urged to evacuate from south to north as ground forces approach.

Maciek here, situation at the border is slowly unclogging. People arrive in smaller groups and there is not much waiting time. Someone said that this because they are held in Lviv as the Ukrainian side is getting more organized and synchronized with the border situation. That would be welcome news as it got much colder the past couple of days.

The soup is still in demand and production rarely stops. This weekend I will attend to my studies in Rzeszów and since I cook for them as well I will be busy from tomorrow till Monday.

Next week I will decide where to put our efforts to. I will check the border first but I can already sense that the crisis is moving from the borders to inside the country as people sleep in train stations and are often left to fend for themselves.

Let's carry on doing what we can.

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Sarah here, with an update. Maciek is gearing up for a return to the border tonight, with 2 lots of good soup, and on his way he's dropping off some of your money to a 10-12 person Ukrainian family now living nearby, while talking to Vitalii's brother who lives in Poland and is on his way to collect their mother as she escapes to the border.

In the meantime, here is Vitalii helping a mother and daughter to evacuate to Western Ukraine, which is much safer. He writes, 'Planes flew right over my head yesterday when I was looking for shelter on the street after the alarm. It was very, very scary! At that moment, I prayed to see my family just one more time. Also, I was told that ballistic missiles flew over the city, over residential areas'.

I am also donating on your behalf to a family friend in Przemysl who is bravely transporting medical supplies to Kyiv where they are very much needed.

Thank you, thank you. Let's keep it up. If you can give money, here's how.

Paypal here

For people from Poland or with Polish bank account:

Maciej Owczarek


with reference za żywność

For people from the UK or with UK bank account:

Maciej Owczarek

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