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Food for refugees campaign

Updated: May 15



hello again, it's been a few days, so we're sending some more thanks for your sustained support - this time from a family from Smila town, in the Cherkasy region...

ukrainian mother and three children receive aid

and this family, receivng medical supplies, who may soon be evacuating to Poland.

ukrainian family, man in wheelchair, receive supplies

and of course, we're passing on thanks from many more people, of whom we don't have photos. The news cycle may move on, but the needs remain, and become more acute as the situation grinds on. We're getting some medicines together in Poland right now, for delivery to Vitalii and the whole volunteer network. Here they are, setting off again, as they do every day, often forgetting to eat and to sleep. The Paypal link is here.

ukrainian volunteer and doctor sitting in car, medicine



Hello again - with big thank you from a doctor who received supplies from us!

ukrainian doctor gives thumbs up, receiving medicines

Also, remember those nappies, baby milk and baby food pictured in the back of the car in Poland on Wednesday? Here they are again starring in a short video made to thank Vitalii by a volunteer in Kryviyi Rih who is working to distribute donations:

here is a kid with health problems getting a delivery

ukrainian child with supplies

and your money also paid for the evacuation of the family below - who just two weeks ago were determined to stay in their home but finally decided the situation was just too dangerous for the children. Vitalii and some other volunteers sorted out the paperwork, travel, and worked out a final destination. They also threw a modest little farewell party for them to sweeten the awful occasion a bit.

ukrainian families evacuating, ukrainian flag, balloons

However relentless the destruction, the desire to come together and help is uncrushable.

Let's keep going every day - Paypal link is here


Your money keeps flowing straight to those who need it, without a penny wasted. Yesterday this man was one of several elderly people in Kryviyi Rih who were supplied with medicines and money for food. He has a tube in his abdomen.