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Creative regeneration, healing and chocolate nirvana.

Updated: May 15, 2023

It's been raining all day and now the sun has come out for the evening. I'm sitting outside the house in the chill-out area with Mr Keaton, the cat, curled up beside me. The sun is shining down on three long, empty tables. It's so quiet.

A few days ago the place was jumping with life and shrieking with laughter - the first proper gathering was underway at Terrealuma, and it was going with a swing. Guests had come, mainly from the USA, for a Creative Writing and Creative Regeneration workshop, run by the poet Cecilia Woloch and myself. There were yoga classes and healing massages from our highly skilled friend Aśka, and evenings reading our poems around the fire or huddling under the roof from the rain making music together. We were fuelled by an endless stream of food, mostly nurtured in the garden, then cooked up to another level (Maciek surpassed even himself. Chocolates filled with hemp halva and banana anyone?) Frankly, no-one could believe how good it was.

Sarah Luczaj and Chocolate Nirvana

The injection of warm, joyful energy the workshop participants brought here was incredible. We always knew what we wanted to happen here, but now it's tangible. What we make happen on this land is healing – of the surprising sort you may not even have known you needed - through making a community formed by meditating together, listening to ourselves and each other, creating in words, music and paint, nourishing our bodies and souls with proper food, earth, water, air, fire and movement - then planning how to put that new energy-surge to use.

Creative writing and regeneration at Terrealuma 2018

As I led the group in guided meditations, one phrase just kept coming.

All of you is here. And we are all here.

There will be more invitations.

Terrealuma helaing refuge. Creative workshops July 2018

We are inordinately grateful for all the support we've received - be it financial, hands-on, or from the heart - that's got us this far. We're truly on our way.

Please make a donation if you can, so we can develop our capacities (however small, they all really help. Monthly donations are easy to set up via the Paypal link and especially welcome, enabling us to plan and not to give up hope in darker months). And feel free to sign up to the newsletter, right at the bottom of this page, to keep in touch and get some special videos and updates.

Thanks so much to everyone who came.

Sarah Luczaj, PhD

therapist, writer, artist, reiki master, creative regenerator and co-founder of terrealuma.

offers online reiki healing/chanting sessions, here

sarah luczaj

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