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Welcome to terrealuma!

Updated: May 15, 2023

Welcome! We'll be regularly updating here with what we're up to on the ground, what's being built, gathered, and cooked on the farm. As well as what is being built, gathered and cooked in our vision.

The vision has been cooking for a long time now, and there have been some turbulent ups and downs over the years as we tried to bring it to fruition ourselves. Finally we've come to the conclusion that we need a shift in our way of approaching the challenge. Striving to do it all ourselves is against the very spirit we're trying to cultivate.

We need this shift in order to offer the treasure we already possess to those who need it. To make the physical conditions for it to flow and expand and multiply. Places to stay, real medicine to heal, good food to eat, spaces to make art, to meditate, to sing and chant and pray. Places to stare into the fire and to dig the earth. To think and formulate action.

The world we live in looks dangerous and nature is being devastated. We need more sanctuaries, places to plug in and charge up, portals, access points to the natural power in all things.

It is harder and harder to sense the pure source, harder to find the silence in which to hear the whispers inside our own minds.

Our very attention is stretched, dragged, and made into a commodity - so we become practically unconscious and ripe for division against each other and the earth we all depend on - easily used to the ends of whoever has the intention to grab it. Nobody can grab true power of course, but misuse of the worldly kind is quite enough to create brutal, violent conditions for many people and, in the foreseeable future, make human life impossible on earth.

We can't sit back and watch this happen. Let's make places, lots of places, with the right conditions so people can thrive again.

We're starting here.

map of terrealuma healing refuge


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