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july 2024 body & soul regeneration retreat


Are you feeling burnout?  Craving nature? Could your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual wellness do with a recharge? Does your creativity feel blocked?

We have a retreat just for you.


Full regeneration for body and soul at Terrealuma!  July 20-21st (arrival 19th, leave 22nd)

Maciek and Sarah, the co-founders of terrealuma will be guiding you and the retreat includes:

Sarah 's Creative Regeneration process leads you swiftly and effortlessly back to your natural state of joy and power, through a specific blend of guided meditation, gendlin's focusing (a responsive felt sensing practice), freewriting and intuitive painting. The spirit is of gentle freedom, finding skilful means to get around the judgemental and exhausting ways we typically trip ourselves up at every turn, and actually prevent ourselves from doing anything.

We're going to find the wu wei way of effortless, efficient action. As a side effect it feels really, really good!

All materials are provided and no artistic experience or talent is required. Neither do you need to hold any particular beliefs or have any prior knowledge in order to benefit. where

The sessions run every morning, outside but under cover, until the lunchtime feast, the afternoons are free to practice in nature, or just to do your own thing, then we regroup at the top of the hill for an evening meditation. In fact, you can dip in and out of specific sessions as you choose, should your own process of Creative Regeneration look a bit different.


Sarah Luczaj, PhD, is a poet, writer and painter, a licensed therapist whose practice has been thriving for over two decades, with an academic specialisation in focusing and the buddhist philosophy and practice of no-self. Her writer and artist site is here. Sarah's book Creative Regeneration (Wayward Publications, 2019) is available here, or anywhere books are sold.

For those interested, Maciek will be offering Integrative Chinese medicine consults, one on one. These include Chinese medicine diagnosis coupled with Yamamoto method diagnosis, blood type differentiation, supplementation, diet and lifestyle advice. The consult is included in the price of the retreat, and further treatment packages can be arranged if you like.


If you wish to fully participate, please make sure you know your blood type.

If you are unsure if your health issue can be addressed during this stay or for any other health related inquiries email Maciek directly,



There will be optional morning sessions with Sarah in which we'll engage with Buddhist chants, Taoist healing sounds and Japanese kotodama, along with a smattering of other Taoist energy practices to clear your channels, calm you down and power you up. For more about Sarah's approach, see here or her book The Chi Book: Reiki from the Roots (Wayward Publications, 2020) which you can buy here, or anywhere!

Individual sessions will be available with Sarah, an experienced Reiki master who uses traditional chanting in her practice. One 45 minute session is included in the retreat price. Reiki uses the power of the life force directly to heal, soothe and activate on all levels. It works extremely well along with the Integrative medicine Maciek is offering.


We are providing a beautiful campsite for your tent with access to electricity, toilet and outdoor shower.

For those not ready to be at the mercy of the elements we suggest staying at the nearby hotel Zamek Dubiecko (costs not included). Please let us know if you need assistance in booking.

outdoor shower at Terrealuma retreat
outdoor shower at Terrealuma retreat
Food and entertainment

As always the food will be at the highest standards, provided by Maciek, who is a professional chef, mostly vegetarian and from our own garden where possible.

In the evenings, there will be bonfires with music, food and drinks. 

evening bonefire at Terrealuma, Creative regeneration workshops 2018
amazing curry at Terrealuma retreat
Costs and availability

The investment for the weekend is 320 GBP or 1,500 PLN

The price includes an optional initial Integrative Chinese medicine consultation and diagnosis- you can read details and testimonials here.


Please email us at with any questions, and to book. We can arrange a zoom call to talk it over if you like.

Places are limited to 10 participants to ensure quality and attention to all.

Terms and conditions

Click for pics from 2018 and 2019 to get a flavour, photos on this page are from August 2023 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


'I came to terrealuma to re-energize my creativity and reinvent myself after a few tough projects. It was a perfect retreat to reward myself with rest, energy, and a healthy return to nature to reset for the next challenge.

I wanted to help myself recapture my own creativity so I could come from an authentic place within myself. My work requires originality and Sarah's workshop helped me unpack this strength.

I highly recommend the Creative Regeneration workshop run by Sarah and the support provided by Maciek for health and well-being through Chinese medicine. His support was skillful and essential. Together the time spent was game changing.

Susan Abir, artist and writer, @worthy_art_walks

Creative regeneration was a great experience both personally and artistically.
The various practices, such as chanting, meditation and focusing together with the other participants, helped me free up space in my head and get a clearer focus on the projects I’m working on. After one of the sessions, I got a burst of inspiration and managed to write down in one go a concept for a theatre piece which I’d been struggling with for months.
The free painting and free writing especially gave me a totally new perspective on my own thought process – I now have a better understanding of how I think and how that influences how I feel in my daily life.
Although I’d never been to a multi-day workshop like Sarah’s before, at no point did I feel any kind of pressure or expectations. There was a warm community-feeling with Sarah, Maciek and the other participants, and I felt like we could all be totally ourselves.

Kaya Korabiowska-Dean, theatre directing student from Amsterdam,

This creative regeneration was timed by the heavens for me, because I’d just made a huge and beautiful step in my artistic/musical career, put a lot of work in it, but felt really low the days after in contrast.

During the course I was really able to build myself back up for the next project and for my general creative wellbeing, and at the same time let go of the tensions and aftertastes from the project I had so recently finished. It felt like the greatest relief, I cannot imagine anything in the world having been more suitable than this experience. The free writing loosened me up and let my creativity roll, and the daily chanting and meditation sessions connected me to the beautiful nature, as well as to myself, and as well as to the other participants! Everyone was so open and comfortable to be around. In between all the emotional and creative regenerating, we all just had a lot of fun together. Laughing, sharing and simply enjoying each other’s company. The moments after meditations, chants and free writing sessions were always very special. Everyone kind of woke up from their individual states of being, vulnerably, and while sharing and listening to each other’s experiences we really got to know one another and we created an open and loving atmosphere together.

There’s enough room for making it an experience of your own, and you can really take it easy here: the relaxed and gentle atmosphere went hand in hand with the daily practices beautifully. Thank you Sarah for this lovely experience ! Caterina Carrilho musician/artist Ina June

I want to give my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful rest that was so necessary for me at that moment and for the amazing time in Terrealuma, for the incredible energy and the people I met - it was a magical time in which many of my different internal processes came mutually to fruition. I want to thank every person who appeared on my way, because I feel, deeply, that nothing came about by chance. Thank you Sarah for the deeply creative workshops, work on the self, for the feasts and fires we had together, and thank you Maciek for the wonderful food, the health advice and of course the private caravan :-) Aneta Naczas

'I took part in the creative regeneration workshop last summer at the Terrealuma healing refuge and I am a better man for it. The aim of the workshop is to release any stored up tensions that are blocking creative flow. Sarah Luczaj employs many unblocking tools, including free writing, intuitive painting and focusing. If those three weren't enough, we also were exposed to reiki, yoga, qi gong, mantra chantings and afternoon meanderings through the forested hills which led to experimental "practices" in free-form screaming (or finding our own animal sounds). The group bonded immediately, sharing intimate aspects of the self in so many forms. We camped together, sang songs by the bonfire, and probably ate the most simple and enjoyable meals of our lives (thank you wonder-cook Maciek). If we could only live like this full-time....perhaps the workshop is a reminder that we can'.

Matthew Krasner, writer, teacher and creator of be more bored

'My time at Terrealuma was magical - for so many reasons.  The land was breathtaking - breathtaking in a way that no picture can convey.  What a special space on the earth to be able to spend some time.  The people that gathered there were beautiful human beings and such a pleasure to spend time with and get to know.  The food that came out of that kitchen was a dream - Poland is not known for its vegan food, but as a vegan I received the most gorgeous creations for every meal and was so so grateful to chef Maciek and the special care he put into his dishes.  I don't even have words for the massage and body work sessions that I had with Asha - I've never experienced anything like that before or since.  If you have an opportunity to work with her do not hesitate for one single second.

And of course there was the Creative Regeneration retreat itself and the magnificent Sarah.  Our days were filled with the perfect balance of structure and free form.  Alone time and working in pairs.  Sitting in stillness and roaming the land.  Writing with pen to paper and splattering paint every which way.  Sarah has a gift for knowing what the group needed at any given moment and gently guided us with her wisdom and intuition.  I felt so cared for and so nourished working with Sarah and going on the Creative Regeneration journey with her at Terrealuma.  I hope to one day be able to return'.

Jenny, fellow retreat space starter -  Juniper grove 

'My time at the Terrealuma last summer is an experience that meant a lot for me and supported me in quite a difficult time. I’ve been to a couple of Sarah’s Creative Regeneration workshops in Glasgow, which I loved, but going through the process at Terrealuma is really something else. The nature holds you and grounds you, the most delicious food made by Maciek nourishes you and comforts you, the workshops carry you gently into your inner world and give you insight and creative energy, the people are there for you and you are there for them and you really feel like a part of community. I left feeling rested, taken care of and so grateful that such a place exists. I hope to see you there this summer!'

Natalia Lukaszuk - therapist offering counselling in Wroclaw

'Participating in Creative Regeneration Retreat was an unforgettable, life-changing experience for me!

Fantastic, supportive community of people with beautiful energy and reconnecting with nature helped me to charge my batteries and gain the energy that I needed so much...As a result I did quit my job where I was no longer happy since quite some time, the first day after coming back from the retreat! Terrealuma gave me so much power to dare to be more myself and I am really, really grateful for it.

Amazing place, amazing people and experiences...

And, not to forget, the legendary food prepared by Maciek!!!

Can't wait to be back this year :):):)'


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