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Creative writing workshops at Terrealuma retreat July 2018
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Creative writing workshops at Terrealuma retreat July 2018

July 2018
Creative writing and regeneration workshops at terrealuma healing refuge

Creative writing and creative regeneration workshops with Cecilia Woloch and Sarah Luczaj ran at the terrealuma healing refuge on July 9th-13th 2018. Food from the permaculture garden!

A good time was had by all.

Sarah Luczaj with Chocolate nirvana at Terrealuma healing refuge July 2018
whole group of creating writing workshops at Terrealuma healing refuge
Creative regeneration workshops at Terrealuma healing refuge 2018
food from permaculture garden at Terrealuma healing refuge
fruits at Terrealuma
amazing food at Terrealuma healing refuge
creative writing workshops at Terrealuma healing refuge
fruits at Terrealuma healing refuge
evening bonfire at Terrealuma healing refuge
nylon guitar in dropped C, Terrealuma healing refuge
evening bonfire with music at Terrealuma healing refuge
Matthew Krasner at Terrealuma healing refuge

'last summer I had the remarkable opportunity of participating in a creative regeneration workshop [...] sarah's rare blend of knowledge, spirituality, generosity, artistry and humor foster a uniquely gentle space for regeneration'.  


marina muhlfriedel  (LA-based writer, producer and recording artist)        

marina mulfriedel

'working with sarah is like a deep dive from darkness into light, where superficiality surrenders to quiet joy and bliss just holding her hand and trusting my own. having all of these online materials forever is a remarkable gift' 


susan baukhages (poet, change agent, child of the universe)

susan baukhages

'sarah's workshop helped me discover layers of myself that I didn't know were there. the focusing sessions were supportive explorations of psyche that excavated through hard soil. in the painting sessions, i was playful with my inner child and found symbols that still hold meaning for me today. and we wrote plenty, the results deep and surprising. taken together, i was able to unlock creative stores of energy and for that i am entirely grateful'.

matthew krasner, writer, teacher and creator of the be more bored creative writing and mindfulness courses in warsaw

matthew krasner

'the one-on-one with sarah was incredible... like a gentle catapult into the next dimension of myself. sarah is such a brilliant facilitator and witness to the process of being a human/artist/creative being. the shifts that occur are often subtle, but subtle in the way of a key fitting into a lock - the door swings open to reveal a whole new world, and now, several months later, i note that the effects are lasting'.

 kim noriega, poet, writer, creative writing teacher

kim noriega
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