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what does 'terrealuma' mean?  


terrea   earth, work, nourishment, shelter                                                                                                       

real       a direct experience of something that works


luma     light, the true nature of the mind

aluma   to light a fire, to initiate action.

our story - the dream, intentions, and lasting hope

terrealuma is a healing refuge created out of a pure dream, and spurred on by the ever-expanding absurdity of our day to day reality in a society where food makes you ill, medicine kills and leaders are mere handlers  of interests. with greed and anger as the two dominant forces driving society, we may feel overwhelmed and abused on a daily basis and shrink - giving up more and more of our 'territory' to the point where we have to dissociate to carry on.


yet we sense that another way is possible, a natural, logical way,  where people are responsible for their actions, food is nourishing, medicine heals, and neighbours look after each other. we try to remember that ultimately this is all just a game, a show, an opportunity for us to forge our characters.


we try to remain calm and steady within the mess, firm and true to the core of love, logic and compassion.

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