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terrealuma is a fertile, international mixing ground for ecological, creative and spiritual growth.

august 2023

 regeneration workshops

we're offering full regeneration for body and soul at terrealuma!

workshops will run from august 1-8th.

they will include:


creative regeneration

sarah's creative regeneration process leads you swiftly and effortlessly back to your natural state of joy and power, through guided meditation, focusing (felt sensing with the body), freewriting and intuitive painting.  all materials are provided and no artistic experience or talent is required!

integrated medicine

maciek will be offering integrated medicine consults, one on one, for those interested. These include chinese medicine diagnosis coupled with yamamoto method diagnosis, blood type, diet and lifestyle advice and supplementation.

Click here for more details

 terrealuma started running a relief action for ukrainian war refugees as soon as the war broke out.  maciek used his cooking experience to feed up to 100 people a day providing hearty warm meals in the border city of przemysl, only 40 km away, and also on the ukrainian side of the border, in co-operation with the charity fundacja polonia.

now the situation on the border has changed and we are co-operating with a friend in kryvyi rih, Ukraine, a volunteer who distributes humanitarian aid.

if you want to help, please press the donate button.



You can follow this campaign on our blog.






if you need to regenerate, nurture or expand your joy,  power,  creativity and spiritual connection - if you care deeply about the state of the world and sometimes end up running out of juice yourself


we have ideas and a place for you.

we're in the process of creating a healing refuge on wild, secluded land in subcarpathia (south-east poland), and a thriving permaculture farm.

and we offer two main avenues for healing, rebooting and regenerating the spirit.


the creative regeneration process reboots you straight back into your natural state of presence and power, through meditating, felt sensing with your body, freewriting and intuitive painting.

join a workshop, or learn from the book!

creative regeneration
smaller cover.jpg

creative regeneration,  by sarah luczaj

(2019, wayward publications)

'this is a small gem of a book, written in a fluid, conversational style, packed with practical wisdom for simply being more alive — physically, spiritually, creatively — really, in all ways at once'.

(cecilia woloch, poet, writer, teacher, traveler )

secondly, sarah offers reiki chanting, transmissions of direct, effective healing energy, straight from the buddhist and taoist roots of the practice.

nothing boosts your life force like chanting - and if you want to join us for monthly sessions, you are very welcome.


to join the chanting sessions, you need to be a member of the star and stone academy of healing arts community,  here.

this is a space hosted by sarah and adrianna velez, where we talk about meditation, taoist practices and stone medicine - and offer reiki training and certification.

the chi book design 6.jpg

the chi book: reiki from the roots, by sarah luczaj

(2020, wayward publications)

'part micro-memoir, part user's guide to the primordial power of the universe, THE CHI BOOK: Reiki from the Roots, vibrates with raw energy and calms like still water. It sings us awake from our collective illusion of powerlessness'.

(kim noriega, poet, teacher)

future retreats/advances

our intention is to build spaces and conditions so that we can offer the following kinds of retreat:

health retreats - peaceful conditions for fasting, detoxing and making use of the abundance of healing herbs growing wild here and the food produced on the permaculture farm. we have personal experience of serious illnesses being healed in this way.

meditation retreats - perfect secluded conditions for solitary or group meditation practices

creative retreats - ideal conditions for concentrating on creative work, whether nudging the muse awake or focusing on the completion of a book, or piece of music


we'll supply the appropriate conditions, including food if required, and the designing of your retreat will be up to you. pricing will be responsive, affordable and respectful of the work we are doing. it may also be possible to contribute to the costs of your stay with work, rather than money.

permaculture, cabbages, vegetables
permculture vgetables, marrows, pumpkins
wooden house
the beginnings of the eco-retreat and healing refuge

over the 10 years since we began the project we have been focused on acquiring as much land around the retreat as possible to secure privacy, water supply and space. we're now standing on 40 acres of beautiful sunny slopes and meadows, marshes, and ravines with creeks. there's plenty of space for food production, forest and recreation as well as enough land to keep at least half of the acreage in its semi-wild form to accommodate the wildlife around us. there are plenty of deer, wild boar, birds of prey and even accounts of wolves and elk, so we will try to fit into this without causing too much interruption.


we were lucky to find a place in an industry-free part of the country where the land has not been exposed to modern agricultural methods for many years, hence has taken on its natural form in meadows blooming with healing herbs, fruits and mushrooms which provide clear guidance on how to treat ourselves and the life around us, and pace our work throughout the year.


we intend to melt into this landscape, create our space, shape it to enhance its capabilities and longevity, become a responsible part of the ecosystem and let nature do the rest. this is why we have already planted over 1,000 various trees all around the property to create zones, windbreaks and security as well as a better energy flow. through our ground works with the digger we have shelved various places to prevent erosion, boost cultivation and  create a few spots for buildings within private spaces of their own.

digger, tipi
birch trees
birch trees
combining ancient and contemporary technologies

we inhabit the grey area between the black or white choices  presented these days. so yes, we embrace progress while being immersed in tradition, understanding that ancient technologies in many cases are still ahead of modern science and  are in no way contradictory but complimentary. and in the never-ending quest for homo luminous, we hope that terrealuma will become a safe place, a beacon and catalyst for those who wish to advance on a personal level and as a collective by making use of seemingly opposing methods and philosophies in the delicate balance of the middle way.

meadow, guitar,view, trees
future steps

we intend to stay as free from state interference as possible and limit our exposure to bureaucracy, the madness of permissions and licensing, hence we intend to keep things as simple as possible according to current legislation by erecting small energy-efficient, permission-free buildings and an off grid electricity system.

while the plan for development of the land we sketched goes as far as 15 years ahead it is in no way final and merely reflects our current understanding and intention. we give ourselves the right to be flexible and modify our views to accommodate the knowledge and experience we gain on this adventure. presently an unincorporated association, terrealuma may take on the form of a charity or any other legal form appropriate at the time to ensure the continuation and perpetration of the idea when we are gone.

​in the meantime,  we'd much rather open up to help from those who resonate with the vision than take advantage of state funding or subsidies. if you'd like to volunteer to help with building, gardening or any of the work we're doing now, just drop us a line. we need help on all levels and you are welcome to contribute, with money, skills or simple prayer.

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meadow, sunlight, trees
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