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THE CHI BOOK : REIKI FROM THE ROOTS by SARAH LUCZAJ (Wayward Publications, 2020). Digital bundle.


'Part micro-memoir, part user's guide to the primordial power of the universe, THE CHI BOOK: Reiki from the Roots, vibrates with raw energy and calms like still water. It sings us awake from our collective illusion of powerlessness. It is a path, lit with the specific flavor of Dr. Sarah Luczaj’s direct experience and studied expertise.
I know I will return to it again and again. For solace. For illumination. For wisdom'.

Kim Noriega, Poet/ Teacher


'This book starts off as an introductory walk with a Master into the formless art and energy through the form of her beautiful, true, and sometimes funny words and resonant paragraphs. Even as a Reiki Master myself, I was learning from this book.'

Carolina Isabel Rodriguez, Reiki Master


'What you are holding in your hands is a living transmission of Reiki, of the Tao. It is a shimmering glimpse into the infinite possibilities of the Great Mystery & an invitation to welcome this energy into your unique web of life. Sarah herself is an activation & emanation of Reiki. This book is sure to awaken deep inner gnosis & illuminate your Reiki path.
Never before have I found such a poetic tapestry of this ancient healing art.'

Adrianna Velez, Reiki Master/Teacher, Alchemical life coach


The eBook comes in four formats - epub, mobi for kindle, azw3 and pdf.

Digital bundle - The Chi book: Reiki from the roots by Sarah Luczaj

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