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CREATIVE REGENERATION by Sarah Luczaj (Wayward Publications, 2019)


Creative Regeneration is a way to plug into your natural state through creativity - and plug into creativity through your natural state.

If you need to access your strength and inspiration after a period or even a lifetime of depletion, if you tend to give a lot, and/or try and change the world, and end up running out of juice yourself, this could be for you.


The eBook comes in four formats - epub, mobi for kindle, azw3 and pdf.



This is a small gem of a book, written in a fluid, conversational style, packed with practical wisdom for simply being more alive — physically, spiritually, creatively — really, in all ways at once'.

Cecilia Woloch, poet, writer, teacher, traveler


This book is absolutely fantastic and works like poetry by saying so much with few words. It's kind and wise author gently points out paths to the waterfall, from where you can replenish your creative self. It's a book to keep with you and reread, it's exercises to be tested and tried for yourself. Energising, encouraging, and full of love.

Z. Rasul

Digital bundle - Creative Regeneration by Sarah Luczaj

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