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explore key qigong moves and traditional reiki sound activation to propel your reiki into an expanded dimension!

this is a condensed, powerful and affordable workshop for those attuned to reiki or other forms of healing with the chi.

join us on zoom for a 3 hour deep dive into the supportive synergy of qigong and the original forms of reiki as investigated in sarah's recent book 'the chi book: reiki from the roots'.

you'll be learning key qigong movements to clear and ground yourself as a channel, and original chants, the kotodama used by Mikao Usui, to hone your intention, activating and harmonising different aspects of healing energy as it's transmitted through your body.

assisted by powerful meditations, we'll be upleveling our connection to reiki source and allowing the chi/qi/ki to flow with full force yet effortlessly -  for ourselves,  friends, family and our rapidly evolving world.

for top quality healing and essence activation, with 50 years experience between us and a passion for what we do- we're the real deal!

the workshop is powerful and affordable, at £36.17. a replay will be available.


Sarah Luczaj is a counsellor, reiki master, author of 'The Chi Book - Reiki from the Roots'(Wayward Publications, 2020) and 'Creative Regeneration' (Wayward Publications, 2019). Sarah is also the co-founder of the terrealuma healing refuge


Clara Apollo is an Elemental Qigong and Reiki teacher based in Avalon, Somerset. Clara also hosts Chi Time TV, a conscious awakening vodcast on youtube.