terms and conditions for digital workshops


Star and Stone do not issue refunds for cancellations, partial completions of the course or dissatisfaction with it.


anything shared within the star and stone sessions and community space, or individually with sarah luczaj or adrianna velez during the course is confidential unless explicitly stated otherwise

data collection

your personal details will not be shared with any third parties


the course is not of a therapeutic nature. any psychological effects arising from engagement with the course are the responsibility of the participants.

participants are advised not to undertake the course if they are in a crisis situation requiring one on one therapeutic support

the contents of the course do not constitute medical advice

sarah luczaj is a fully qualified and insured therapist and reiki master. she is not a certified meditation instructor.

intellectual property rights

all the material provided, unless stated otherwise, are the intellectual property of sarah luczaj or adrianna velez, copyrighted with all rights reserved.

course material may not be shared with people outside the course.

technical support

sarah luczaj and adrianna velez are not able to offer technical support