academy of healing arts

joy, bliss and power are your natural state - did you forget?

imagine… knowing how to activate the wild and free river of life force within you at any time. living in direct conscious contact with the supreme universal chi.  you’re already healed, and you can heal yourself. 

then imagine offering your healing essence to the world around you.

enter the temple of star and stone, an eco-system of simple, ancient practices that work -  to ignite the healing life force within your being and body. learn to channel Reiki, ‘the secret method for inviting blessings’. root deep into stone medicine. activate the healing life force in your own fingertips, with your own voice. come home to your true nature.

 It’s the force of love. You’re that as well.

star and stone - shoden course

the first degree of reiki works on the principle heal thyself first. 

practicing reiki as path, you will establish deep safety and ground, from the root. focusing on the lower dantien, or hara - your power center - you nourish the nervous system and heal the self on all levels, across all space and time. 

during our 6 week spiral journey together you will learn how to run reiki healing energy for yourself and others and also:

  • more about the buddhist and taoist roots of the reiki system, how to live and practice mindfulness and energy cultivation so the chi enlivens and permeates all that you do

  • how to use buddhist and taoist sound activation and chanting of the japanese kotodama, word spirits, that formed part of the original reiki system

  • the DNA level healing of crystal technology and stone medicine, including which stones amplify reiki and heal ancestral wounds 

  • how to set up and work with an altar as your personal power center

  • simple taoist energy medicine techniques to activate your life force, give power to your communication and boost your immune system

  • other rich energy medicine tools you can weave into your healing work


what you have to look forward to:

  • reiju - original empowerments, as given by mikao usui, the founder of reiki. these sacred transmissions will attune you to the shoden level of reiki (level 1)

  • weekly group classes, with plenty of space to ask questions

  • one individual mentoring session with adrianna or sarah to refine your practice and get personalized support, feedback and inspiration

  • comprehensive modules with information, worksheets and exercises which use different learning modalities, so you can get a solid grasp of it all and make it your own!

  • video guidance, including hand positions for self healing as well as exercises for energy cultivation, to watch and follow at your own pace

  • audio meditations and chanting

  • a private group for community and connection, a partner system if you want to participate in it

  • a certificate stating your attunement to the shoden/first degree of reiki via star & stone, including your lineage

  • all materials are downloadable and so yours to keep forever!


if you're already attuned to reiki but are intrigued by the course, feel free come back to the source with us, and enliven and strengthen your practice in our thriving ecosystem of ancient practices - there are always new layers to explore!


the course runs for 6 weeks, with weekly live teaching sunday sessions on zoom, and access to the comprehensive modules along with a lively, supportive community space on mighty networks

watch this space for the next course dates!

your guides are here


I’m Adrianna Renee Velez. I help women activate their wild, divine life force. I’m an international Feminine Energy Mentor and Reiki Master teacher with over 27 years on this path. My dharma is to help humanity awaken to their true nature. I dream of empowering over 100,000 individuals to Reiki for the benefit of all beings. 


I engage in healing ceremonies, dream of being kept by bees, swoon over ancient Egypt, poetry & am eternally moved by the great mystics & their path of rapture. Reiki, hermetic magick, kundalini and communing with the soul of nature keep me in a state of wonder. 

I currently live in Northern California with my beloved kitty Nyxie, where we lovingly tend to our garden, feed the wild birds and are endlessly delighted by the wildlife. If you seek to heal yourself while also being a powerful force of healing in the world, you have found your home. Expect miracles. Welcome! Asé.

My Reiki training with Adrianna has given me access to deeper layers of myself, ones that I didn’t even know existed. She has taught me what true healing looks like, and how to heal myself. It has been an incredible journey working with her.       (Stella Miko)

Receiving private sessions with Adrianna, as well as receiving the Reiki level 1 initiation from her, have reset my life's course in a profound way. At the same time, after I started working with her, I started making leaps forward, I had access to visible and visceral momentum and movement again. Her work is uniquely powerful and life-shifting, and I say this as a counselor myself who offers and receives a wide variety of powerful healing modalities. Whenever I think of Adrianna, which I do daily, my heart is filled with love and light.      (Angela Watrous, Restorative Empathy)


i’m sarah luczaj, phd. (the thesis is 'felt senses of self and no-self in therapy'). i’m here to kickstart the life-force wherever i go, through creativity -intuitive painting, sound activation, hands on healing and deep regeneration of mind, body and spirit. i’m a poet, writer, mentor, professional therapist, reiki master and co-founder of the terrealuma healing refuge, in poland. i’ve been living reiki for 30 years now, a reiki growing organically out of its taoist and buddhist roots, meditating, chanting and flying backwards on a daily basis! author of creative regeneration: plug into your natural state of bliss (wayward publications, 2019) and the chi book: reiki from the roots (wayward publications, 2020), and mother of two daughters, i’m presently based in scotland. i’m interested in spontaneity, unobstructed flow, direct action, joy in grief, deep ethics, freedom and love. are you?

sarah i'd describe as one of today's rare authentic shamans - shaman used in the broadest sense here, not as in someone pretending to be a native american, but someone who accompanies people down into the depths, to emerge into the fluidity that engenders a joyful life' (The Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell)


when i started receiving reiki treatments from sarah, I was extremely burned out and depleted. each reiki session has energised me and enabled me to retain more energy cumulatively. reiki is the cornerstone of replenishing my energy stores and creative spark. the quality of my energy has changed too. i feel refreshed, uplifted and yet calm after a reiki session. 

in fact i loved the experience of my first distance healing session with sarah so much that i immediately wanted to learn how to do reiki myself. after receiving a (very intense) initial empowerment, i realised that i never need be burned out or depleted again. i have this miraculous connection to energy right at my fingertips. it's quite beautiful.  (Kim Noriega)



for orientation, here are the prices of the last round of the course and the terms and conditions.

both are subject to change

pay in full $998

or in three monthly instalments of $349.33

my reiki ryoho is an original method based on intuitive power in the universe -   mikao usui