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creative regeneration meditation


thanks for signing up to terrealuma!


if you're interested in getting your juice back

by regenerating your creativity, which is one of the things

that we do on the land, the first step is

softening your mind and your attitude to yourself.

we could all use some help with that, so here's a

video meditation for you, called

all of you is here.

just click on the link and enter the password 'soften'. 

it's the audio that matters obviously, as i'm just sitting there

with my eyes closed and you probably will be too, but i like the

feel of another presence with me when i'm

meditating alone at home sometimes, or to just look up if i get a bit lost in some thoughts or feelings and see that somebody else is there, holding the calm space.


and this was a beautiful day to reactivate. i'm sorry that you can hear the wind!

see you soon,



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