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how do you want to feel?


The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte, is a system for living authentically and to your fullest potential, by following the guidance system of your core desired feelings. 


It's a masterfully designed process of identifying the feelings that are really driving your deepest desires, so that those desires can drive all areas of your life. This leads to a life of juice, pleasure, intrinsic satisfaction and action according to your values. The steps are practical and the framework is magical.

When you do the process with me, we do it the Creative Regeneration way, so you'll be using focusing - felt sensing - to get a broader yet more precise sense of what's happening in different areas of your life than your mind alone can deliver, freewriting to unearth the desired feelings which are already implicit in your experience but you want to draw out, then painting to express the feelings once you've found them - beyond words.

All life areas are investigated in a systematic way, and the investigation is infused with heart-centred meditation. The feelings that surface, and repeat, across different parts of life, may surprise you. Once you give yourself permission to not only feel these things but to name them, use them as a compass and organise your life around them (rather than external goals), your life may well start to change, and you will have the energy to change the world around you. 

sarah luczaj is a licensed desire map facilitator,

writer, counsellor and reiki master, as well as

the inventor and facilitator of the

creative regeneration process, and co-founder

of the terrealuma healing refuge.

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 *   1-3 month journeys, according to your needs

 *    each month includes 2 x 90 min sessions, £275 per month

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