creative regeneration activation

(the one-to-one reboot, intensive coaching)

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  your natural state

is a joyful state

that generates energy

you can know what to do

and do it without impediment

this activation is for you if you'd like an intensive, full-on personal experience curated just for you

with plenty of one to one support - and are ready and able at this point in your life to really invest in releasing your power and bliss.




you'll be equipped with the tools to:

*  step out of mental sludge and overwhelming emotional states fast

*  move swiftly aside when internal judgements arise, prevent any mental chatter from impeding   you, drop your identity and all stories -  and experience just being and doing, directly

*  access the implicit wisdom of everything there is, within your own body

*  enable what's relevant to come forward, hence know what you really want, what your purpose is, and what the next step is

*  move into a state of synchronisation, in which you feel that your body mind and soul are all one

*  unleash your freedom and raw, juicy energy, without getting bogged down in identity, analysis or any kind of story

and if you fully engage in the process, the chances are that by the end of it you will be

*  blissed out as a default state and pretty much unstoppable!

'sarah i'd describe as one of today's rare authentic shamans - shaman used in the broadest sense here, not as in someone pretending to be a native american, but someone who accompanies people down into the depths, to emerge into the fluidity that engenders a joyful life'

the barefoot doctor   sound healing technology innovator, master practitioner and instructor in taoist practices, healer, best-selling author

why do i need the creative regeneration process?

you might be tired, burnt out, stressed, confused, somehow unable to know what it is that you really want/need to do, or simply unable to do it.


you may want to unblock natural, spontaneous action, clear mental sludge, move past habitual thinking that trips you up and emotional patterns that keep you stuck.

this process removes the need to obey internal censors, critics and the whole crowd inside who tell you that you can't do it or are not good enough.

adjusting to these critics, judges, parents or professors - whether obeying or rebelling or going into denial - becomes a way of being. it's a trap.

and creative regeneration is about release

back into the natural order of things

once released from your own compulsion to judge yourself, with an uncluttered mind and ability to act, you're able to live freely and to hear what the next step really is in your life. again, in small everyday senses, and also in the big picture.  the world certainly needs more people who know what they are doing and are capable of doing it, without burning out.

the four step process covers every level, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.



first of all you need to drop three major drains on your energy  -  maintaining stories and judgements, trying to change, hide, or delete your feelings, then managing the anxiety created by those activities. this meditation is the gentle, softening, opening kind, that shifts your relationship to your whole being and also enables you to feel the natural flow of energy stir - and use it. taoist and buddhist influenced, the meditation leads to a sense that you are all of one piece, all here, and this in itself is a very great, even miraculous, pleasure



then you have a space in which to sense what simply couldn't be heard before in the commotion of thoughts and feelings.  moving into focusing, you find, through paying attention to your body in a gentle, specific way, that all the information you need, more than could ever be consciously available to you, is in your felt sense of situations, and extremely precise, personal and undeniable insights and ways forward just come to you. the felt sense responds, and you can get real shifts in your situations - not just in your head!


then it's time to start creating. freewriting is total freedom of the mind experienced live, and you get to experience a state of pure production and go direct - skilfully bypassing the urges to edit, judge, criticise or control.

intuitive painting


lastly the sensual process of intuitive painting really gets the energy moving. it creates a responsive object, made of your bodily felt senses and intuitions, and gives you an experience of the creative process that is transferable to the rest of your life. it's a dance of intuition and action, inner and outer. it heals.

you step into a sensual dance of creating and living, trusting the painting to tell you the next step. it does not have to look good, be good, or look like anything else. neither do you!

'the one-on-one with sarah was incredible... like a gentle catapult into the next dimension of myself. sarah is such a brilliant facilitator and witness to the process of being a human/artist/creative being. the shifts that occur are often subtle, but subtle in the way of a key fitting into a lock - the door swings open to reveal a whole new world, and now, several months later, i note that the effects are lasting'.

 kim noriega, poet, writer, creative writing teacher

who will be guiding me?

you'll be guided by me, sarah luczaj (MBACP, Phd). i combine two decades of running a thriving therapy practice, the skills of a reiki master, doctoral research on the intersections of therapy, buddhist philosophy and focusing, decades of practice and training in buddhist and taoist traditions, the creative juices of a writer, poet, intuitive artist and musical collaborator, and the fire and focus needed to co-found the terrealuma healing refuge.

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all this is at your service.

so you can relax in the knowledge that, although this activation is not aimed at digging into pain, or analysis, i'm well equipped to deal with anything uncomfortable that may be stirred up for you.


the buddhist and taoist practices and perspectives i live and teach are central to getting your 'self' out of the way and getting energy moving.

the reiki i offer is deeply grounded in the buddhist and energy-cultivation roots of the originator, usui's, practice, rather than the more new age variations which have since developed. i use chanting and sound. the sessions will recharge you in a way which makes the physical and the non-physical feel like the same thing.

writing's been my passion since i first formed letters, i am a poet and writer but that doesn't mean i'm here to judge your writing - it just helps that the process is natural to me. if you are a writer and you're blocking yourself in any way - i can help.

all my life i've meditated (as a child not having a clue what it was), understood my life through feelings in my body, written to release the thoughts in my mind and painted when i needed to just feel good. these are the ways i have instinctively plugged in to the source when in all kinds of distress, and now i have also acquired knowledge, skill and depth of life experience - i'm highly motivated to share them and their radical effects.

'last summer i had the remarkable opportunity of participating in a creative regeneration workshop with sarah. her process of using painting, writing and meditation to nourish the inner voice of invention was a powerful gift. under her guidance, i was able to reconnect with some long quieted parts of my creative soul. sarah's rare blend of knowledge, spirituality, generosity, artistry and humour foster a uniquely gentle space for regeneration'

 marina muhlfriedel  (LA-based writer, producer and recording artist)

what does the activation consist of?

this is a six month journey in which you'll be self-directed like never before, but not alone. we work together to find the most precise expression of your individual needs, and do nothing which does not directly address them.

this is the salient difference between this journey and the group workshops i offer.

photo: @emmabrownphotography

you'll receive:

*  a 90 minute starting session in which we confer in order to set up an individual plan, which will involve a workbook/playbook, a reading list, an audio meditation, and structure/ unstructure for you as required, which you can follow on a daily basis, taking you through the process in a way tailored to your needs.

* a bi-weekly 60 minute call by zoom. these may be of a check-in and consulting nature, or i can facilitate live meditation, focusing, writing or painting sessions for you 

* a 40 minute monthly reiki session, distance healing, we may be connected on zoom if you choose

* unlimited email access mon-fri in working hours, reminders and support

* a monthly personal audio meditation specially crafted for you

* the creative regeneration e-book or hard copy

if you want to talk about this or have any questions at all, please book a call here, and we can have a chat.

this journey-style relies on personal resonance, chemistry and trust, so the initial chat is a vital step, we both need to be sure it will work.

investment : £2,229

payment plan:  6 monthly payments of £375

or ask me, and we'll find a way that suits.

    (photo:  james baker hall)

'working with sarah is like a deep dive from darkness into light, where superficiality surrenders to quiet joy and bliss just holding her hand and trusting my own'         

susan baukhages (poet, change agent, child of the universe)

this activation is run by sarah luczaj

terms and conditions apply

all proceeds go towards building the terrealuma healing refuge

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