creative regeneration workshop 2020

july 17-24 at terrealuma

are you dreaming of a state of total immersion...?

we're meeting for creative regeneration july 17th-24th at terrealuma. a full week this year by popular demand!

to the mix of meditation, focusing on felt senses in the body, freewriting like zen arrows and intuitively painting, we're adding yoga (of the magic rather than the forcing kind), massages and reiki for energetic support, food from the permaculture garden cooked by an expert chef, music, bonfires and everything the land and all who live on her have to bring.

no achievements in mind except for restoring and releasing your natural state, a state which generates energy.

*  we'll be a small group, no more than 10

* food will be provided, made from the permaculture garden, by maciek from terrealuma who's an expert professional chef

all art materials will be provided

no particular experience or skill is required in art, meditation or anything else!

transport - nearest city - rzeszow (poland). we can transport you to and from the airport or station, if necessary.

* accommodation - you are welcome to bring a tent and camp on our campsite, or stay in the nearby dubiecko castle hotel (polish site zamek dubiecko), we can pick you up from the hotel in the morning and take you back again late evening.

* cost - the workshop costs £700, a deposit of £100 will secure a place. payment plans can be arranged

all proceeds will go towards building terrealuma.

drop me an email first just to check there are places left, then click the button below to pay the deposit. hope to see you there!

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