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creative regeneration -  course and community

electricity light

the aim is to enable you to plug into your natural state of bliss and power even when in pain or difficult circumstances

and here's what we do

week one - meditation

first we need to drop three major drains on your energy  -  maintaining stories and judgements with your thoughts, trying to change, hide, or delete your feelings, and managing the anxiety created by those activities.

i walk you through a meditation process over the week, including guided meditation videos, so you can befriend your mind, allow it to settle and clear, and feel your natural energy stir

week two - focusing

you then experience a space in which to sense what simply couldn't be heard before in the commotion of thoughts and feelings.  a sense appears of what's really happening for you, and what wants to move forward in your life. we find, welcome, and listen to this bodily felt sense. by communicating with it, you can get real felt shifts in your situations - not just in your head!

week three - free writing

it's time to start creating.  writing like a zen arrow expands this ever-fresh felt sense into words and images, and you get to experience a state of pure production direct and live - skilfully bypassing the urge to edit, judge, criticise or control. (hint, your whole life can be like this!)

week four - intuitive painting

lastly the sensual process of intuitive painting really gets the energy moving. you create a responsive object out of your bodily felt senses and intuitions, and get immersed in an experience of the creative process that is fully transferable to the rest of your life.

you step into a sensual dance of creating and living, trusting the painting to tell you the next step. it does not have to look good, be good, or look like anything else. neither do you!

you'll receive

* instructions, inspiration, prompts and encouragement in your inbox every few days - in the form of words, luscious images, video and audio guidance and meditations. you can spend as little or as long every day on the practices as you choose. the videos, meditations and exercises are around 20 minutes long.

regularity helps  - making a morning or evening slot every day for the month will pay off massively-  but the materials are yours to use, at your own pace, and you will have them forever.

*a virtual community (a private group hosted by mighty networks) to participate in for support, accountability if you need it, sharing, working together or just meeting people of like mind. i will also be around to answer questions. joining isn't compulsory, you won't miss any content if you don't sign up. you remain a member for as long as you wish to, so with every month the course runs, the group grows. you also have access to monthly zoom sessions, in which we run through a whole process together

*a one-to-one 45 minute session on zoom/skype with me to be taken at any point for guidance about anything which may come up, this could be a focusing session, a meditation session, or whatever you feel you need

* and an e-book  (wayward publications, 2019) in whatever format you desire

this process works particularly if you are 'the kind of person who can't paint/write/meditate'. creative regeneration is not about analysing, 'working on yourself' or getting things right. it provides different ways of twisting out of the grip of the judgemental mind, experiencing yourself as energy, joy, and flow, being fine with yourself just as you are, moment to moment, and feeling the next step come.

life itself is a creative process - you do not have to be 'good at' art

you do not need to have any skills or experience, or to hide your skills or experience!

'the one-on-one with sarah was incredible... like a gentle catapult into the next dimension of myself. sarah is such a brilliant facilitator and witness to the process of being a human/artist/creative being. the shifts that occur are often subtle, but subtle in the way of a key fitting into a lock - the door swings open to reveal a whole new world, and now, several months later, i note that the effects are lasting'.

 kim noriega, poet, writer, creative writing teacher

kim noriega

who will be guiding me?

1 smaller crop.jpg
sarah luczaj emma brown


i'm sarah luczaj, i've been running a thriving private therapy practice for nearly two decades (am fully qualified and insured), i have extensive practical experience in focusing, buddhist and taoist practices (and a PhD in those subject areas), and i'm a writer, translator and artist. creative regeneration was born out of my own life, investigating what really works for me, and how it can meet the needs of others.

'last summer I had the remarkable opportunity of participating in a creative regeneration workshop [...] sarah's rare blend of knowledge, spirituality, generosity, artistry and humor foster a uniquely gentle space for regeneration'.  


marina muhlfriedel  (LA-based writer, producer and recording artist)        

marina mulhfiedel

sign up

the course lasts for 4 weeks and runs continuously,

on a pay as you can basis (suggested price £150,

minimum £45 for the month). you can sign up any monday.

when you do, you join our community space on mighty networks,

and have access to a monthlycreative regeneration process

on zoom which members can take part in, together with me.

all proceeds from the workshops go towards building

the terrealuma healing refuge.

milky way

email me at with any questions you have, or to let me know you have donated and would like to start the course. check the terms and conditions here

susan baukhages

'working with sarah is like a deep dive from darkness into light, where superficiality surrenders to quiet joy and bliss just holding her hand and trusting my own. having all of these online materials forever is a remarkable gift' 


susan baukhages (poet, change agent, child of the universe)

'sarah's workshop helped me discover layers of myself that I didn't know were there. the focusing sessions were supportive explorations of psyche that excavated through hard soil. in the painting sessions, i was playful with my inner child and found symbols that still hold meaning for me today. and we wrote plenty, the results deep and surprising. taken together, i was able to unlock creative stores of energy and for that i am entirely grateful'.

matthew krasner, writer, teacher and creator of the be more bored creative writing and mindfulness courses in warsaw

matthe krasner

articles on creative regeneration, and the point of it all!

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