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terms and conditions for digital workshops

creative regeneration


*the deposit must be payed through the paypal button on the website in order to secure a place. if the workshop is already full, you will be refunded as soon as this comes to light.


* the workshops are payable in full before the start date, unless you have made an arrangement via email with sarah luczaj (at her discretion) to pay by instalments.

* proceeds from the creative regeneration workshops are collected in the form of donations to terrealuma. terrealuma is a uk based unincorporated association for the development of spiritual, ecological and creative growth and healing, including the setting up of the eco retreat mediation centre.

* refunds are available only until 3 days before the start date

data collection

the terrealuma privacy policy applies.


* sarah luczaj is not a certified meditation instructor, focusing trainer, writing instructor or art therapist or instructor.

* participants are not receiving formal training in meditation, focusing, writing or art.

* the course is not of a therapeutic nature

* any psychological effects arising from engagement with the material are the responsibility of the participants.

* participants are advised not to undertake the course if in a crisis situation requiring one on one therapeutic support.

* sarah luczaj is not able to offer technical support

services provided

* material designed to inspire and facilitate personal growth, through email, ebook and video, sent regularly over a four week period

* lifetime membership in a private group hosted by mighty networks, in which sarah luczaj will be regularly present to answer questions

* a 45-60 minute session with sarah luczaj face to face or via zoom, during the four week period of the course. you are responsible for organising this yourself, at your convenience, according to the instructions provided in the introductory email.


* the private, secret mighty networks group is designed to be confidential

* anything shared with sarah luczaj personally during the course is confidential

intellectual property rights

* all the material provided, unless stated otherwise, is the intellectual property of sarah luczaj, copyrighted with all rights reserved.

* course material may not be shared with people outside the course.

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