mmmm feel your primordial chi

free session - sunday feb 13th, 7pm uk/11am PST


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Join Adrianna Velez and Sarah Luczaj for chi cultivation and Reiki chanting!


Learn a quick and simple technique to alchemize stagnant energy, brighten your auric field and leave feeling blissfully radiant!

we'll run for an hour, sign up below for a zoom link. this is open to anyone who feels intrigued or interested, no experience necessary, you can come as an experienced practitioner or have no clue what you're doing. we intend this to be deeply pleasureable and of real use. (and nobody will hear you chanting!)

who we are


I’m Adrianna Renee Velez. I help women activate their wild, divine life force. I’m an international Feminine Energy Mentor and Reiki Master teacher with over 27 years on this path. My dharma is to help humanity awaken to their true nature. I dream of empowering over 100,000 individuals to Reiki for the benefit of all beings. 


I engage in healing ceremonies, dream of being kept by bees, swoon over ancient Egypt, poetry & am eternally moved by the great mystics & their path of rapture. Reiki, hermetic magick, kundalini and communing with the soul of nature keep me in a state of wonder. 

I currently live in Northern California with my beloved kitty Nyxie, where we lovingly tend to our garden, feed the wild birds and are endlessly delighted by the wildlife. If you seek to heal yourself while also being a powerful force of healing in the world, you have found your home. Expect miracles. Welcome! Asé.


i’m sarah luczaj, phd. (the thesis is 'felt senses of self and no-self in therapy'). i’m here to kickstart the life-force wherever i go, through creativity -intuitive painting, sound activation, hands on healing and deep regeneration of mind, body and spirit. i’m a poet, writer, mentor, professional therapist, reiki master and co-founder of the terrealuma healing refuge, in poland. i’ve been living reiki for 30 years now, a reiki growing organically out of its taoist and buddhist roots, meditating, chanting and flying backwards on a daily basis! author of creative regeneration: plug into your natural state of bliss (wayward publications, 2019) and the chi book: reiki from the roots (wayward publications, 2020), and mother of two daughters, i’m presently based in scotland. i’m interested in spontaneity, unobstructed flow, direct action, joy in grief, deep ethics, freedom and love. are you?

ps. and if you like how we roll, our star and stone academy of healing arts opens on march 13th! have a look here if you want to check out the details of our first course, shoden reiki one!