activating reiki with chanting,  stone magic and poetry - sarah luczaj and adrianna velez


do you want to engage the deepest levels of primordial power in your reiki, with your own breath and voice, honouring the ancient traditions and plugging into their power, with expert guidance?

join us on zoom on jan 30th at 7pm GMT (11am PST) for a 90 minute gathering to access the deepest core flow of life energy, for healing, creativity, and change

adrianna and sarah are two reiki masters with a shared commitment to activating the depth of the mystery using ancient practices that really work, honouring beauty, pleasure, wildness  - and the pain and stuckness too. our connection has produced a powerful creative synergy that we'd love to share. the gathering will include 

*  hatsurei ho - the original energy exercises taught by mikao usui, the founder of reiki

*  taoist stones for opening up the channels to enable your sound to resonate

*  meditation on the energy/resonance chambers in your body (the three tantiens)

*  chanting the taoist healing sounds for each organ, and for the energy body

*  chanting some of the reiki kotodama, or word spirits

the gathering costs £26, any profit after paying the teachers and admin will go towards building the terrealuma healing refuge.

you can book simply by clicking the button below and paying. sarah will get back to you immediately by email, with details and a zoom link to join us on the day. if you have problems with paypal for any reason, email sarah,

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