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morning Yoga at Terrealuma retreat

August 2023 body & soul regeneration retreat

painting by Sarah Luczaj
intuitive painting at Terrealuma heling refuge

Are you feeling burnout? Uninspired?

Does your mental health need a little attention? Or could your physical and emotional wellness do with a recharge?

We have a retreat just for you.


Full regeneration for body and soul at Terrealuma!

The retreat will run from august 1-8th.

It will include:

Sarah's creative regeneration process leads you swiftly and effortlessly back to your natural state of joy and power, through guided meditation, focusing (felt sensing with the body), freewriting and intuitive painting.  All materials are provided and no artistic experience or talent is required! Find out more about Creative regeneration here..

For those interested, Maciek will be offering Integrative Chinese medicine consults, one on one. These include Chinese medicine diagnosis coupled with Yamamoto method diagnosis, blood type differentiation, supplementation, diet and lifestyle advice. Price of the workshops includes 3 month care & support package as in here (cost of herbs and supplements not included).

He will also be giving a lecture called "free life style tweaks to enhance your ride", addressing a range of topics including: proper hydration, basic supplementation, no fuss dietary changes, fat consumption, use of common cooking herbs and many more.


If you wish to fully participate, please make sure you know your blood type. For those willing to go deeper, Maciek could assist you with getting your blood tests done, taking advantage of easy access to Polish private health care and its very competitive prices.

If you are unsure if your health issue can be addressed during this stay or for any other health related inquiries email Maciek directly,

morning Yoga at Terrealuma healing refuge
intuitive painting at Creative regeneration workshops


We'll be engaging with Buddhist chants, Taoist healing sounds and Japanese kotodama, along with a smattering of other Taoist energy practices to clear your channels, calm you down and power you up.

Sessions will be available with Sarah, an experienced Reiki master who uses traditional chanting in her practice. Reiki uses the power of the life force directly to heal, soothe and activate on all levels.


We are providing a beautiful campsite for your tent with access to electricity, toilet and outdoor shower.

For those not ready to be at the mercy of the elements we suggest staying at the nearby hotel Zamek Dubiecko (costs not included). Please let us know if you need assistance in booking.

outdoor shower at Terrealuma retreat
outdoor shower at Terrealuma retreat
Food and entertainment

As always the food will be at the highest standards, provided by Maciek, who is a professional chef, mostly vegetarian and from our own garden where possible.

In the evenings, there will be bonfires with music, food and drinks. 

evening bonefire at Terrealuma, Creative regeneration workshops 2018
amazing curry at Terrealuma retreat
Costs and availability

The investment for this workshop week is 750 GBP, with payment plans available. The price includes 3 month Integrative Chinese medicine care, support and reviews as in here. If you wish to stay longer contact us for further pricing.

For this event to take place we will require minimum of 7 participants, so please apply and state your intentions as soon as possible.


To ensure a place, or with any questions, please email us at and provide us with short summary of what you are coming for, as well as any dietary requirements and/or food allergies you may have. It would also be good if you let us know what accommodation option you would like.


A deposit of 150 GBP is required to book a place (non refundable, unless the retreat does not run).

places are limited. 12 participants is the maximum to ensure quality and attention to all.

Terms and conditions

Click for pics from 2018 and 2019 to get a flavour

We look  forward to seeing you soon!


'I took part in the creative regeneration workshop last summer at the Terrealuma healing refuge and I am a better man for it. The aim of the workshop is to release any stored up tensions that are blocking creative flow. Sarah Luczaj employs many unblocking tools, including free writing, intuitive painting and focusing. If those three weren't enough, we also were exposed to reiki, yoga, qi gong, mantra chantings and afternoon meanderings through the forested hills which led to experimental "practices" in free-form screaming (or finding our own animal sounds). The group bonded immediately, sharing intimate aspects of the self in so many forms. We camped together, sang songs by the bonfire, and probably ate the most simple and enjoyable meals of our lives (thank you wonder-cook Maciek). If we could only live like this full-time....perhaps the workshop is a reminder that we can'.

Matthew Krasner, writer, teacher and creator of be more bored creative writing and mindfulness courses in Warsaw

'My time at Terrealuma was magical - for so many reasons.  The land was breathtaking - breathtaking in a way that no picture can convey.  What a special space on the earth to be able to spend some time.  The people that gathered there were beautiful human beings and such a pleasure to spend time with and get to know.  The food that came out of that kitchen was a dream - Poland is not known for its vegan food, but as a vegan I received the most gorgeous creations for every meal and was so so grateful to chef Maciek and the special care he put into his dishes.  I don't even have words for the massage and body work sessions that I had with Asha - I've never experienced anything like that before or since.  If you have an opportunity to work with her do not hesitate for one single second.

And of course there was the Creative Regeneration retreat itself and the magnificent Sarah.  Our days were filled with the perfect balance of structure and free form.  Alone time and working in pairs.  Sitting in stillness and roaming the land.  Writing with pen to paper and splattering paint every which way.  Sarah has a gift for knowing what the group needed at any given moment and gently guided us with her wisdom and intuition.  I felt so cared for and so nourished working with Sarah and going on the Creative Regeneration journey with her at Terrealuma.  I hope to one day be able to return'.

Jenny, fellow retreat space starter -  Juniper grove retreat space

'My time at the Terrealuma last summer is an experience that meant a lot for me and supported me in quite a difficult time. I’ve been to a couple of Sarah’s Creative Regeneration workshops in Glasgow, which I loved, but going through the process at Terrealuma is really something else. The nature holds you and grounds you, the most delicious food made by Maciek nourishes you and comforts you, the workshops carry you gently into your inner world and give you insight and creative energy, the people are there for you and you are there for them and you really feel like a part of community. I left feeling rested, taken care of and so grateful that such a place exists. I hope to see you there this summer!'

Natalia Lukaszuk - therapist offering counselling in Wroclaw

'Participating in Creative Regeneration Retreat was an unforgettable, life-changing experience for me!

Fantastic, supportive community of people with beautiful energy and reconnecting with nature helped me to charge my batteries and gain the energy that I needed so much...As a result I did quit my job where I was no longer happy since quite some time, the first day after coming back from the retreat! Terrealuma gave me so much power to dare to be more myself and I am really, really grateful for it.

Amazing place, amazing people and experiences...

And, not to forget, the legendary food prepared by Maciek!!!

Can't wait to be back this year :):):)'


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